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Can you elaborate at all on this sub??


I haven’t actually started too much work on it, as all of our resources are currently going into Alchemist. I just mentioned that we were considering a supercharger called “The Commander” / “The Commandant” to compliment Emperor. Wanted to gauge demand and interest while finishing up the roadmap for the rest of the year.

We have lots of experimental titles and things in the vault that we’re considering. Currently taking feedback to see what people want… though we do have an idea that may change the game. Attempting to get @Fire onboard is another story, however, haha.


Khan is mean its been 3 days listening on stage 1 and I feel like emotional barriers hqve been stripped.away already. I can assert myself much more easily.


What kind of mp3 player can i use to sync to a bluetooth speaker to play these subs

the one i bought apparently doesnt transfer it right


You’re going to have to be more specific than that. Doesn’t transfer it right, how?


What mp3 players are good for subliminals bc all i got was static on my speakers like annoying static


That’s usually what happens when the speakers don’t have the frequency range for ultrasonic subs.

To test your speakers, if you can connect it with a cable to test, I’d advise doing that first. Just to find out if Bluetooth is the issue. If you’re still hearing the static, it could be the player, but it’s more likely the speakers. To exclude the player, try connecting the speakers to another player like a computer if possible.


So when i go pick out bluetooth speakers how do i tell what works and what doesnt


If you want a recommendation, I have this:

Anker Soundcore Motion+

The frequency range is 50 Hz to 40 kHz so can easily handle the ultrasonics. And pretty good for music as well.

It’s not actually my main speaker, I use a hardwired setup to play ultrasonic subs throughout my house, but I do use this when I’m working outside on the weekends.


I have 90Hz to 20khz. i assume it is fine? Also when we play ultrasonic through speaker and we want to check the frequency with frequensee, should we check near the speaker or from where we are sitting?


Most speakers nowadays should reach 20 to 25kHz, which is why I recommended trying with cable. I’m not that familiar with Bluetooth, but I’m guessing older BT protocols could possibly cause an issue. Over BT4.0 should be okay, I think.

@rising from where your ears will be most of the time.

rising brings up a good point. You could download the test file I linked to in an older thread, run it and listen. With and without FrequenSee. That should make the problem quite obvious.

Can we all get back to discussing Khan now and save this for another thread?


08-05-19 @ 11:50 PM;
I use the Anker Soundcore BT speaker, which you can buy for like $30 on Amazon. The only thing I recommend is for you to use it wired, as it comes with a 3.5mm audio-in jack to connect it to your PC/laptop. The static you sometimes hear is due in part to the volume being too high. I’ve noticed that I have to lower the volume when playing the ultrasonic tracks, as they are much louder than the masked tracks. And I’ve noticed this in both Bluetooth and wired modes. I decided to run it wired, mainly because I’ve read of the possibility of the BT compression format affecting the quality of the subliminals.


Personally, I don’t want to pay extra for bluetooth functionality when all I am going to do with the speaker is run a wired connection from an mp3 player and let it play 24 hours a day.


@DarkPhilosopher, Fire, Sovereign

I am currently running stage 4 of Khan would there be a synergistic effect if i add limitless to my stack ?.

My logic behind adding limitless is to learn a new i.t skill.

My concern is that it might be a waste of time if khan overwrites limitless.


Khan won’t overwrite Limitless, but the effect of Limitless won’t be as pronounced.


@blackadder Lol just what kind of commando are we talking about, Schwarzenegger? Sounds brutal. I like this


Lol! And the voice actor will be the actual Schwarzenegger with his german accent.


Yes! Haha.


@lowrider the plan was to call the product Commando then after careful thought it was decided to change the name. As of now we will not know what the final name of the product will be called.

The product will amplify Emperor and hopefully Khan too.


It has never been Commando.

Saint came up with it first here:

Which our brave and noble @blackadder then remembered and pointed out in this thread:

We then started theorizing and joking about it until Saint put it firmly:

That’s not careful thought, it’s Saint listening to the first thought that popped in his head when he heard Commando and saying that name ain’t never gonna happen. :slight_smile:

He did elaborate:

Brave blackadder was not going to let that stop him and created a dedicated thread for it, collecting signatures for his petition to get it.

Which ended with:

So, with Alchemist nearing completion, brave blackadder has completed his crusade and can now take off his armor, sit back on his throne and wait patiently for whatever the SuperCharger in question is going to be called. Right? Right! :wink: