Main Discussion Thread - Khan


I think Dark Philosopher has put things into perspective correctly. Commandor is too soldier like and for sure wont be the final name of the product.

Commandant certainly sounds more appropriate. However subclub are still in the concept design phase for this project. I really hope Fire can make this prioduct a reality.


I remember this movie whenever I hear the word “Commandant”.


Actually I can see why subclub would opt for Commandant. Feminists might accuse subclub of being discriminating if the product was called Commando. In this day and age one has to choose their words wisely.


Lol probably


Would Khan stage 3 be good for someone who is trying to write a book series?


I’d stick with Ultimate Artist and something like Mogul or Ascended Mogul. UA for the creativity, Mogul / AscMogul for the drive to bring it to life.


Could EoG stage 1 be too much for me at this point with UA if I’m trying to write a book series? I have been listening to EoG stage 1 since it came out last month and also UA for the past 3 weeks. But I’m wondering if EoG might be over powering UA since I listen to them about the same.

And also i was wondering what is Creativity Unleashed, is that already in Ultimate Artist?


OMG i am getting some terrible dreams under khan.

One was of me watching someone clean shit out of a toilet. Another was a naked woman with fangs screaming at me.


That is some crazy shit right there. Fangs? Was she a vampire princess or a were-child?


you are being trained to become a khan…let’s go!!!


Will AM be updated to v3 in the coming months?


These are deep fears being addressed. I had some absurd nightmares the first few nights too. I mean, absolutely terrifying. The next day, however, I could always tell SOMETHING was dealt with, because I’d feel like an absolute badass.


Stage 4 is definitely makes me feel naturally more dominating and powerful but unlike emperor i am not performing its my natural state of being.


what do you mean preforming? did emperor make you feel like you were pretending to be someone you are not?

like you became some new person that wasn’t really you and you didnt like it or was it more of a flat out you felt like it was you performing like an actor would in a moive and you go back to being yourself when no-one is around you?


emperor for me is super awesome. i love it. only thing i am trying to incorporate is gaming chicks.
its got me lazer focused on my business, growing it, getting my clients results, learning, reading, etc the things i was already doing and focusing on before but now its ALL i focus on ahhahaha

im talking to a girl thinking about if her dad or mom is a doctor, lawyer, business owner so i can maybe get them as a client vs thinking about fucking the girl.

i am about to try stage 3 khan at maybe like 2-4 loops a day with my emperor in hopes that it makes me think of girls only like 10% and not 10,000% like khan stage 4 hahahah

cant wait to get a nice time block opened up and dedicated for stage 4 khan


Dreams are crazy on khan had a dream last night i cut my neighbours head off and my family told me to put it in the microwave to see what would happen lol


hahahaha, sick dream bro, just laughed my ass off reading your post and imagining it in my head!


To @UPLSO. I ran Emperor only for 3 or 4 days so I dont know if my answer is valid. Emperor gives cold thinking and cold supeficial 007 armour. Nobody can call James Bond natural man I guess. Emperor cold thinking helped me choose Khan. Emperor take what he want. Khan do what he want.


@Dragonborn Oooo. I see. Nice. Well there isn’t anyone who knows more than yourself about what you’re looking for so I’m sure you made the best decision. Wow, that’s awesome that you ot results/ that realization that quick. You must be really inthne with your flow.

I don’t see how you can go wrong using khan. If you’re a guy it’s hard to find reason not to run khan

Happy to hear your move to what you wanted dragon. Looking forward to hearing some of your results!


@slickman that dream is mental :joy: