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Lucky i woke up after that as who knows what would be happen :slight_smile:


Is it ok if we are running Khan around women or they are getting affected?


They’ll grow a big huge penis :joy:


Not had time to update my journal but i feel so grounded on khan. I think Khan haa either amplified my senses. Or cleared away the garbage which was blocking them.


Been running Stage 4 fir a while now what am noticing. There are alot of women avoiding eye contact with me, some women even seem aliitle scared when i am walking towards them. Especially younger women but older women in thier 30s and above are nit scared. Anyone had similar experiences ?


Reminds me of stories my dad used to tell me of his early days. He once had an amazing 20-something break up with him because she was afraid she wasn’t enough for him. He was too much man for her. Didn’t even matter that he loved her like crazy.

There are two notable differences in women over 30. They tend to be emotionally more mature and stable, and their biological clock has started ticking. So it could be you’re like my dad, too much man for younger woman to handle. or it could be that you are, possibly through your own goal-setting, specifically targeting/manifesting women that are looking for a more stable, long-term relationship.

I used to have a colleague that started online dating. He came to work really pissed off one day. When asked why, he said that all the women he met were only after casual sex, while he was looking for a relationship.

What are you looking for?

I really wish I had inherited that from my dad. I got his physical strength and resilience, but my half-brother got his social skills. When the zombie apocalypse happens, I will build a prepper bunker. My brother will host an End of Days orgy. Life can be so unfair sometimes… :wink:


@Darkie thanks for the detailed response. On stage 4 i cannot stop thinkong about sex. Every girl i look at i imagine them naked.

Under Primal i was never so sexual and the younger girls reacted differently in fact more positiviliy.

Honest Review of Khan

Is there any benefits to be gained from running the aura module alongside Khan ?


I asked this and i got a response that propably not Aura is an old technology


@rising Did SC give any indication as to whether they plan to upgrade the aura module ?. If so anytime soon ?.


I am doubt they will be updating them anytime soon. They might even just release superior versions like a supreme rebirth module type thing. But that is just a thought.


While the aura module can still work, it probably won’t be that effective with Khan, since Khan has its own aura in all four stages. Test it out, though. Let us know if there’s any effect.

We’ve neglected the “stack modules” for awhile because it seemed to confuse people. But, if you guys still want us to make them, we’ve got some that we can put out soon.


@SaintSovereign please go for it I am keen to purchase it or if its a free upgrade then even better.


I personally think stack modules can help out a lot especially ones like rebirth or maybe a stack module for sleeping. I honestly thought you guys were gonna release supreme rebirth as a stack module by itself.


Spent most of the summer travelling around europe chatting up and seducing women. Now I am going to settle down into a short I.T contract for a few months to save money for my next s*x adventure around the world.

I went for an interview a few days ago and within 5 mins the manager who was interviewing me said “you have a very positive vibe when can you start”. They basically gave me the job straight away. I believe Khan helped me yet again to make things reality…thanks SC !


Khan contains pieces of all the main major subs : but which versions ?
Emperor V3 ?
Sex mastery V2 ?

Only asking as thinking about purchasing these for way way into the future use as single subs to use?

If khan already contains these then can save myself a few quid etc


I believe it contains them but maybe not all of it probably it’s a tailored version.


I think stage 3 has sex mastery and emperor not sure what versions though.


I am on ST2 with Khan since September. Around 250h+ and i am feeling totally lethargic.
I know that some others reported the same feelings with ST2 but the last days it is realy bad.
Still doing my job and all kind of stuff which is necessary but there isnt any room for positive feelings
regarding the future atm. This is realy exhausting. Hopefully it will vanish after reaching the 30 day mark and switching to ST3.


It will i am on ST3 and went 320 hours on ST2 which sucks but i enjoy ST3