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thanks for the info. :sunglasses:


Yep. Khan ST2 sucks outwardly, but it’s changing you on a deep identity level. So you’re working very hard internally although it seems you’re being lethargic.

We all had to go through this, and it makes ST3 even better.

I honestly only felt a bit better on ST2 at Day 30, my final day. It was ironic :smile:


thanks for your kind words. this helps.


I am on my 6th day of Khan ST2 and everything is fine. Feeling more productive and very horny and dominant (something I did not have before).

I don’t feel this negativity most people talk about during ST2. Did ST1 30 days before (also without any issues). Will this resistance come at a later time or what does it mean if I don’t get any resistance during ST2 like most others?


This is up to you. I ran ST2 around 20 days without any major negative reactions. Every person is unique, there is no reason to expect the worst :slight_smile:


I think the next level of Khan will be “The Ring” .


What you mean next level?


He probably meant the next generation, something that surpasses Khan.


Darkie is correct I meant to say next generation. Think of “One ring to rule them all”


First of all everybody is unique and will respond differently. Also the social environment is different.
I am not a young man. I build up my own business 20 years ago. House kids wife and all this kind of stuff. This doesnt mean that there isnt plenty room for advancement.
Maybe it is harder to change beliefs on a older person than on a young one. My belief system is bulletproof to handle all kind of bad situations. .
That are the pros of getting older. Making mistakes and being dissapointed from others will help to build up healthy view of the world. :grin:

I dont know what ST2 is telling me but i notice that i am questioning all kind of stuff.
In the beginning of ST2 i didnt had any problems It was a subtle effect increasing from day to day.
If you are getting not much negative side effects that could mean that your reprogramming is easier.
Maybe your subconscious mind isnt full of negative stuff or it thankfully accept the suggestions.

We will see. 9 days left. :sunglasses:


Also, once a user assimilates Khan Stage 4, he can stack along the product that boosts his preferred style of Game.

I have experimented successfully with Primal+Khan4,
and my current stack has Daredevil+Khan4.


DareDevil and Khan together is not a bad idea !

I think SS and Khan 4 would be a killer combo if women have commented on how beautiful your eyes are SS will amplify this. As it has an eye mesmer module in there if i remember correctly.


@AMASH i only ever used stage 1 and stage 4.

What is actually in stage 3 i know its all action but whats in it ?


ST3 is the most similar to Iron Throne, but you can focus it on money or any other goal, not just seduction.


Perhaps i might give stage 3 a run just to experience it


Which stage of Khan is best suited to incorporate Power can Corrupt? Presently on ST1.


Probably all of them, but I would start at ST2 which would support learning to see when the laws are used against you. After that, ST3 supports using them yourself and ST4 puts a nice shiny polish on it. Run ST1 mostly on its own so it can do as much as possible in the time you give it.


Thanks man. I appreciate your well thought out response. It makes logical sense so I will do that.


I did ST1 and ST2 for 1 month each. Would it make sense to run some ST2 alongside ST3 so you don’t forget it once you reach ST4? Because in ST4 you’ll have again ST2 and I think it may be better to incorporate it so you don’t start ST2 from scratch in ST4. Or did Subclub already thought about this and build some of ST2 into ST3? @SaintSovereign ?


You’re not going to “start from scratch”. Unless you start doing all the wrong things on purpose, ST3 will build on ST2 and keep the momentum going. And when ST4 starts, it’ll pick up a few things that were missed the first time around. But ST2 will stay with you either way.