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Stage 2 is making you question what you want, how the world works, what ideas are good for you, etc.
Stage 3 is asking you to take immediate action.

Combined result is a total mindfuck.

How do you take action, while simultaneously questioning it?
You end up a nervous wreck.

You can try it, but it was painful for me.

Khan - emperor v3

so what happens during ST4 where ST2 and ST3 is combined? should be mindfuck as well. :smiley: but I guess ST2 and ST3 are better combined in ST4 then doing each one separately in a playlist.


Yes. Stage 4s are scripted differently. They aren’t copy-pastes. :sweat_smile:


After 5 days of starting khan, I changed my stack from ST1 & Mogul to ST3 and Limitless for my exams, which end in 34 days. feeling so productive with this stack.
However, i don’t want to stop the breakdown process of ST1, because i want to move up thorugh ST1 and ST2 and ST3 by the end of this year.
Will it be effective to add ST1 to my Exam stack?
After my exams, should my goal with each stage be certain hours or 30 Days?


Somewhere i read that @SaintSovereign is running sub for 7 hours in the past or that he considered enough daily time. The suggestion is one month. For multistage everyone is trying to hit 300 hours before moving but i dont know the reason. What i said about 7 hours is burried somewhere in the forum if i am wrong saint can correct me


7 hours as in 7 hours for each stage?


7 hours every day but it was a response to an old sub. I read it a while ago when i was searching for more info about subs


Unlike Stage 2, as I mentioned above, Khan Stage 1 is infinitely stackable - meaning you can put it into any stack without creating conflicts.

However, it is clearly not necessary for exam preparation.

Experiment a few days with it, and then a few days without it;
Experience the difference, then make your choice whether or not to continue.

ARCs Journey to Khan

Is anybody stacking st4 with st1?


Limitless works very well with Khan


I’ll be stacking women with Khan…


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You don’t push up, you push the world down.


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Reconciliation bro


thats a good advice