Main Discussion Thread - Khan


It’s funny how a word I didn’t even know the meaning of 36 days ago, is having such extensive effect on my mental health!


I know. I’ll do better.


Can you explain this ? What does that mean by stacking mogul with khan can be helpful with the extreme fire of khan ? Does it make the fire burn stronger or make it weaker ?


All entrepreneurs need drive and excessive energy to start an maintain their businesses. ST3 does that.


Is it recommended to start stacking Mogul from ST3?


Even earlier than that, ST1, but that’s my opinion.


Im actually stacking mogul with st2 right now. Imagine stacking mogul with khan st3? Imagine the action taking when it comes to money or even stacking mogul and khan st4 with mogul getting more loops ?


One way ticket to creating the Khan Academy of Moguls.

Have you had results with Mogul yet?


Lol yes i have and have only been running 1 to 3 loops of it a day. When it comes to small manifestations i found 20 dollars, a 1 week train card unlimited, and a bus pass for this month. This happened the last 2 weekends. Also i been focusing on learning new skills to improve my resume along with looking into ways to become a it. Since adding mogul a person recommended indeed to me and i found alot of current job listings where i can apply to get extras hours which means more money. I been running st2 along with 1 to 2 loops of mogul and godlike masculinity. I dont want to stop khan but want the focus of my stack to be more money focused so ill prolly up the loops for mogul


That sounds like a start! I think I’m gonna try out your stack. How many days have you been on GLM? Any results from that?


I been running godlike since I first joined here but I’m unsure if it has done anything for me because I’ve been all over the place since I started. So I don’t know what’s doing what. I’ll add some extra loops of godlike masculinity going forward along with mogul just to see


Would you suggest KHAN more for building or businesses or for dating? I am a little bit confused about this, because I actually read about KHAN only in context of social life.


You direct it in any way you wish. Khan gives you drive, sexuality, status and opportunities in life, whether that is women or business.


Khan is an all around sub which has dating and social life more tuned up from what i understand


Does khan st3 have Khan’s core script or was it built just to push you into action? Or was it built with both in st3


They all have the core script, whilst ST4 has the complete script.


Combining Emperor wuth khan is poeerful wooo


wuut whhas thus? New vudka sub? :wink:


Becareful with this combo it might over power you


You can combine khan with everything. I dont see any sub be a harmful combination