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Imagine stacking QL Khan and Emperor that would be invincibility


More like empower you i would say


That is a beast of a combination. Best.


I had a question about khan @SaintSovereign @Fire, does khan st4 contain the whole scripts of st2 and st3 or does it contain parts of it which r useful for the st4 script


Contains the entire scripts, plus some.


Is it ok to run khan st4 with spartan @SaintSovereign


Yep. Spartan New Dawn may give you some trouble.


@SaintSovereign @Fire
I’m planning to do a re run of khan because I feel like there r some things I need to deal with, so I will do each stage again and I had a few questions

Q1) how many hours of each stage should I go for, is 300 enough or should I go for 500 hours

Q2) is it ok if I stack it with another sub like spartan or should I run it alone

Currently I do 6 loops of khan st4 and 6 loops of spartan so if I switch it will be khan st1 and spartan (I also wanna know if this is enough per day, only 6 loops / 4.5 hours per sub)


The more hours, the better — IF you can handle it. In some cases, less is more. If you start getting headaches and other side effects, cut back.

That’s up to you. Spartan is a good complement if you commit to going to the gym.


I’m just worried spartan will mess with the breaking down but if it doesn’t it would be great coz I go to the gym and spartan does help out


@myspace123 - very interesting. I was also wondering whether I should restart Khan and let it be the only thing I play for 4 months. Decisions decisions.


Is this still happening?


I highly doubt.

I think they changed the plan and created the “Subliminals that work” ebook instead.


Can you stack khan stage 1 and stage 4 and get good results?


Yes you khan


Love the pun


What is Khan core programming?


I will let you guys know in 6 months.


I have been thinking of running Spartan by itself in my basement where I work out, so that whenever I am working out Spartan masked is my soundtrack.


That’s awesome, ur lucky u have a place to workout at such times