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Basically I’ve got a decent sized space in my basement.

I also like to take some fitness implements around in the trunk of my car and go to a park or a local high school football field. Pretty easy to maintain social distancing in those places. Still pretty cold, though. We have been having highs around 40 farenheit.

My two favorite implements, and they are inexpensive and portable are a fitness mace and a set of flat bands.


It’s time to build a home gym! I’m doing so :slight_smile:


@SaintSovereign I was curious, does Khan st2 works on areas like, tension and blocks in the body, more fluidity in movements, and releasing negativity from the body?

Also, are the benefits equivalent to or better than actually hiring a professional movement expert or coach?


What led you guys to decide not to include any of ST1 (healing) in ST4? I ask this after reviewing the other multistage contents and seeing that most ST4s include ST1-ST3, with ST1 often being a healing stage of some kind. Why is Khan ST4 one of the few to not include any of ST1? I understand that ST4 is already dense as is. Did it have to do with the technology available at the time? Maybe something to change in Khan Q? :wink:


Yes - SaintSovereign once said that the - back then - current technology did not allow to fit St1 into St4.

Having Total Breakdown with New Beginnings/ Blue Skies included in St4 is my biggest wish for Khan v2


Theory: What if Q is powerful enough for us to just have KhanQ all in one stage, thereby turning Khan into a single stage subliminal like EmperorQ and StarkQ? :open_mouth:


Yeah its named khan st4


It will be when Khan ST4 includes ST1 in it!


That would be Khan St4 with St1 included (for what I am wishing for as well). But the multistage aspect is still essential. One of my favourite things about Khan was the first Total Breakdown stage.

Total Breakdown focuses solely on breaking you down (regeneration) while also having the basic Khan core scripting. Even when St4 has all the scripting from every stage, the focus would be spread and therefore not delivering a so fast and strong breakdown.


Indeed. However I’ve done 450 hours of ST1 already and am approaching 240 hours of ST2 today. For me, it seems that if Khan (ST4 + ST1) were to come out today I could just jump straight to that without needing to go to Stage 3. Seems like I wouldn’t lose out on much. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s recommend that you have at least 500 hours in stage 1 before moving on to stage 2? So basically 500 per stage?


Not at all! There hasn’t been a recommendation of this kind.


I would rather follow your feeling than any generic recommendations.

However, the common advice is to listen 30 days per subliminal/stage


Since copy will take a while to update, mind sharing some of the changes in Khan Q @SaintSovereign? :smiley:


Finger’s crossed for Khan St4 with St1 included :v:


Yeah we need khan Q update


for the records i had khanQ in my downloads.
it is still a 4 stages program.


Khan Q users, how powerful is 1 loop of Khan Q ST1? I’m wondering if it’s worth adding into a daily routine as I go through Khan Q ST2.


I just started KhanQ ST1. First 2 minutes in, i already feel a difference. :wink:


I have done three loops so far. Feeling really good and a lot calmer than usual which is a great thing