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@JCast That’s awesome.
I wonder if ST4 has ST1, ST2, ST3, ST4, PCC, QL Q tailored towards KhanQ and other goodies. I am so excited. ST1 feels likes there is energy clearing/aura cleansing.


Given how I have this burning desire to change myself and the current world situation this could not have come at a better time. In a weird parallel or coincidence I am also currently reading Man’s Search For Meaning By Viktor Frankl


Very curious about this new ST1. Going to try it out soon after finishing up my 8th hour of ST2.

Everyone is wondering what’s different :stuck_out_tongue:


Plus inner circle and EOG


@JCast - Man’s Search For Meaning is a fabulous book. It was emotionally draining and emotionally fulfilling at the same time. Inspiring that the human spirit can do so much even when faced with the worst.


It is just updated to q, no new additions. Yeah I am saddened too :confused: !




Too many spices spoil the dish


the more the marrier


Not sure where you got this info. From what we can infer so far:

  • Khan Q ST1 has New Beginnings incorporated in it.
  • Khan ST4 has Limitless incorporated in it in some way, so it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Khan Q ST4 has Limitless Q incorporated.
  • According to SaintSovereign, subliminals that have been rebuilt with Q have been modified to take into account the feedback that they have gotten from users of aforementioned subliminals.

So there’s something different, but it seems that the creators would like to keep that a surprise from us for now as they would’ve told us already otherwise :slight_smile:


Yes, @Fire can elaborate more on this. He was steadily working on the rewrites of the script while I’ve been prepping Q.


I am curious to know what rewrites were made to the script.


@SaintSovereign @Fire

Grateful if you could elaborate please ? re:rewrites/changes to KhanQ

It’s great you’re working on new products and increasing revenue profits etc but hey don’t forget about your existing (and loyal) customers too .


We just updated the entire back catalog of all our products, which took less than a week and I’m pretty sure no other subliminal company has done. I think that qualifies as taking care of our existing, loyal customers. Also, I posted in that update thread that there were minimal changes to the actual script. Instead, we focused on the new build, which has just as much of an effect as adding new features to the scripting. An entire list of updates will be available, but probably once the Q store comes out. It’s a tremendous undertaking.


A question to all those who’ve had previous experience with Khan stage 1; did the torturing of ‘I Am’ ever subside or fade? I really love this module and I’d like to include it in my Custom, although I wouldn’t if I we’re to be tortured with crazy breakdown throughout the whole period of me running my Custom, as if this we’re the case I’d most likely leave it out, I’m in it for the long-run.


Really does depend on the person. Here’s a summary from my Khan journal:

For me it was a pretty smooth experience.


Thank you, just read it and certainly brought me some insights. Honestly I do not have so much to breakdown but I do want to break down what’s left to dismantle in order to truly become that I Am.

If the effects are really bothersome after a few months, I’ll get the same Custom without it.


You should check out AMASH’s Khan journal too. He had been running several other subs with great success before starting Khan, so you could say he was in a relatively good place change-wise when he started Khan and its breakdown.

I myself can’t help, I don’t really get adverse effects from subs. The price is the positive results are slower for me until they build up enough momentum to steamroll through.

It is kind of funny. Many people feel they have very little to break down and change and jump to higher stages. I feel there’s a lot to change in me yet and then feel nothing noteworthy during the breakdown.


That is actually very similar to me. There were many moments when running Khan Stage 1, where I felt that the breakdown was too weak. Only to find out later that some fears became completely irrelevant for me. I am often just attached to the thought and belief that I still have some traumas to resolve even though I am mostly healed.


I ran around 350-400 hrs Khan ST1 It was very smooth for me. I did had random anger issues but this is all my life. I get much more anger from all other subs except Sex mastery