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It’s the difference between many relatively low trauma’s on the emotional degree, compared to very little high trauma’s measured on the same scales. How deeply each trauma affects you wil determine how noticeable the change within you feels. Everyone has infinite beliefs to break down, yet most of them are harmless.

Many times thanked for writing this comment as it solved my own question :slight_smile:


This is partially true. :wink:


Hmm, running ST1 twice for a month, I don’t think the module ever stopped breaking things down. Ever increasingly felt like shit.

Then again I’m quite a heavy case.


so you are running 2 loops per day? do you also run any other subs? Did you take any rest days? it sounds more like reconciliation to me and you should take a break for 2 days.


It’s what @Michel said and what @Hermit said and what @DarkPhilosopher said and what @friday said. I’ve personally experienced the same thing.


Running more then two loops a day is probably a sign of reconciliation not the other way around :slight_smile:

One loop of Ascension and I’m still executing two days after, I think you guys underestimate the denseness and power of Q, let alone Terminus or Terminus².


What he said.

Sorry, I’m in one of those moods.

You’re all right. Things should not get progressively worse. Reconciliation is like detoxification, it comes in waves of different intensities. If it keeps getting worse, take a little break from subs.

As for the breaking down, there’s a lot of stuff hidden in most people, it can go on for a looooong time.


Oh boy I am so proud waking up with such a huge morning wood again. I fucking missed that. That’s one of the reasons why I just love Khan so much haha.

And the name embedding seems to quadruple it lol


Talk about a “hard” sell :smiley:


I stacked Khan St4 (1 loop) with Sanguine Ultima (1 loop) 4 days ago. Working like a charm so far. Feel and behave like a god from time to time.


Still wondering what changed in Khan Q… :man_shrugging:

Would definitely like to try name embedding on it when that upgrade happens.


Do you notice a big difference in Q?


@Azriel, something changed but we never found out!


interesting–I’ve hear great things from Khan preQ -I imagine its just as good if not better now.

No one can tell the difference yet :joy:?

They probably added a morning wood module


Quadrple your morning wood ! :sunglasses:

or the effectiveness of the sub?

If the first is the case I’m dropping my stack now for Khan

if its the later… still looking forward to running it


For sure!



If anything, I would wonder if Khan Q ST4 has Khan Q ST1 in it.


No it does not


That’s unfortunate if true. It didn’t have it pre-Q due to technology constraints, so to not have it post-Q must’ve been an intentional design choice.


It seems it was always an intentional choice as Stage 4 with EOG and Khan focus on action and manifestation purely, and lets go of healing, like PS: Iron Throne. Something about not healing or dealing with healing input seems to improve speed of execution and results perhaps.
You can always stack stage Stage 1 and 4 or have both in a custom.