Main Discussion Thread - Khan


@Fire or @SaintSovereign, care to shed a light onto the changes the Khan has undergone upon update to Q? Seems like a lot of different people we’re interested in this, including myself.

I’m wondering about Stage 4 in particular, description says it contains Limitless, any chances pieces of Quantum Limitless we’re added or not really? I guess not much has been changed to the actual script besides upgrades to Q, but then again it was mentioned that reviews of the earlier Khan version we’re being taken into account and that slight alterations where made accordingly.


I started getting really good results during ST3 when I switched to Q and reduced the number of loops from 8 to 4. Running it on Q on 8 loops was giving me almost nothing, at least that’s what i think.


I believe so from the results I am getting from my custom


I am really curious what has been added to Khan.


I khan believe that.


Khan’s script didn’t change much, just updated to the Q delivery platform. I think. The scripts were all optimized in the process, so it should feel “smoother.”


That makes a lot of sense =) matches my experience - + it’s also much stronger and more potent for me


While it was mentioned that Multi-Stage Titles such as Khan where increased in strength thrice, users have reported reduced listening times half-way of the amount they listened to previously.

Making me belief that while the titles did get more potent, they also became more effective and easily absorbed, processed and executed.

Perhaps Limitless to Limitless Q made the difference, who knows.


That’d be the Q delivery platform. It’s so organized and well put together that it’s bound to work better.


The difference is clearly noticeable. Really cool how you guys are upgrading the tech every time and pushing the envelop. Looking forward to seeing how this develops over the years! =)