Main Discussion Thread - Khan


@SubliminalUser i have got khan stage 4 ultima it makes you feel crazy invincible but do not do more then 2 loops or you will get hit by reconciliation hard.


how’s your Ultima Khan compare to your Q Khan?


You can get the ultima version just build it in the q store.


Moot point when none of us can get it :frowning:


What is it that none of us can get?


When you use khan stage 4 ultima with Stark money just comes to you but you will also be challenged so be prepared !!.


What kind challenges bru…


I’m in stage 4 in khan and been thinking of stacking stark ultima…what challenges :eyes:


You will beable to talk people, clients into paying you large sums of money to do work. Just make sure you can do what you say you can do ! or your screwed.


Do you guys know if Sex Mastery is included in Khan and if yes, what stage? In Emperor we get the entire script…


Its in stage 4


The sales pages says that parts of other subs are used in khan. So all that is in stage 4?


Thats right pacman


any insight if it’s partially there or the entire script like in Emperor?


I believe it has the entier script.


@lovage, entire script but aligned towards to goals of Khan. As with any Major Title, it’s similar to Emperor even though the sales-page gives a different overview.


great, thank you guys.


Name-embedded Khan v2 Q+ :drooling_face:


For those who’ve previously gone through Khan – would you advise doing Total Breakdown and Total Reprogramming together?

Does it not make sense that during the Breakdown process you also instill new more powerful beliefs?

I’d appreciate any insights related to this inquiry, as always. @SaintSovereign, what do you think?


I was cleaning out my cat’s litter box recently, and somehow that got me started thinking about this very question.

This is an imperfect analogy, and I’ll tell why near the end.

If I scoop through and dig out all the shit and piss before adding any new litter, it doesn’t take that long.

If, each time I scoop out a clump, I then set the scoop down and add more litter to replace what I just took, I’ll still eventually “get there” but it’ll take longer.

This analogy would be perfect for stacking TB and TP one after the other in a loop.

But with the introduction of Q customs, the analogy doesn’t hold any longer. Because with a custom, you have both playing together. It’s the equivalent of 2 people working to clean out the shit and piss.

One is scooping out the clumps, the other is dumping litter in at the same time.

It might make it hard to scoop out while the other is dumping litter in simultaneously. But it would eventually “get there” too.

I think the “stronger” build strengths might be more equivalent to having multiple people each digging out litter and multiple people dumping it in. Which is why T and T2 can be tricky lol.