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I agree. Khan Total Breakdown is a powerful beast. But I am enjoying the process even with the pains and struggles.

By the way, I am not taking days off. And I am absolutely fine with it now. The first 150 hours were rough, but I knew it will be fine. Now I run it almost 24/7, and I don’t feel exhausted at all

I think @Dmitry will be interested in reading that quote above.


I agree, AMASH. Thats make sense for me.


Can u make a guide on how to get the most out of subs, for example u say take action but what action should we take I don’t understand that


Some like seduction subs approach and spartan exercise it’s understandable but subs like ascension emperor healing subs it’s kinda confusing


No guide is needed for this. Take action means do the things that get you closer to your goal. The reason you don’t know which action to take is maybe because you don’t have clear goals.
If you’re a musician, the action could be to actually write songs and go perform on shows or even on the streets.
If you’re in sales, the action could be to actually make sales calls and try to sell the products.
If you’re looking for sex, the action is to go talk to women and manage to make yourself desirable.
If you’re a basketball player, the action is to go to practice and work on our game.
If you’re running subs but not taking action, you’re probably wasting our time. The song is not going to write itself. Sales are not going to materialize out thin air. Women you’ve never met aren’t going to come knock at your door and jump in your bed. Basketball teams are not going to offer you big money contracts if they’ve never seen you play.

YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING. Whatever thing that takes you a step closer to your goal, that’s what an action is.


So maybe better to use either Regeneration or Total Breakdown rather than both?

I’ve recently been taking a break from all other subliminals to listen to only Regeneration. This has been going for about two weeks. I’ve thought it would be interesting to try out Regeneration and Total Breakdown together, but I haven’t wanted to committ to the entire Khan system. I am really only interested in trying out Total Breakdown for a hard reset to the start Emperor and Ultimate Artist from again.


Thank you for the extensive answer!

When you put it like that, I guess knowing too much would interfere. I’m probably a bit used to the Shannon way of giving an entire list of things that you can check off to know when the sub has done its job. It helps to measure how long you have to keep listening to it. But I suppose it also gives a person tunnel-vision, where they only look for those things while ignoring other opportunities. The reason it’s a difficult concept for me to get is because I’ve always thought subliminal messages can have zero ambiguity and have to be targeted. As such, there could only be a single goal. I’ll do my best to keep a more open mind about this.

You’ve confirmed why I asked the question about the healing stack. The way you describe it, Regeneration renovates, Rebirth sanitizes and Breakdown revitalizes (that would be the architect-terminology I believe). You can not tear a building down while renovating it, making those subs incompatible. My first thought was to run them in a specific order, starting with breakdown. But now I see Breakdown and Regen just shouldn’t work together. I can imagine Rebirth can still work after Breakdown though, maybe to steer/reinforce the reconstruction. Turn that skyscraper into an Arcology instead. Much friendlier to the environment. :slight_smile:

I’m thinking it would help to set one’s intention/goal every morning to allow the subconscious mind to know what one’s goal actually is in using the subs that day. That would be a good use for morning superchargers, goal-setting in the morning.


So did we. But, as we began to experiment, we discovered other means of scripting things. Compare our current titles to our old ones – the increase in effectiveness is astounding.


hey @SaintSovereign can I run khan ST1 ST2 ST3 and ST4 together in a playlist and then keep on looping them using set and forget method? I feel this way I can totally forget about the subliminal and just focus on taking massive action. results will happen when they happen.


Naw. Too much variation in the script, not enough exposure to a single idea. Guys, stop trying to “speed it up” so much. 30 days or so each stage.


ok thanks…will do just that


Wow the progress subclub has been making is amazing. I am still doubting if I should buy khan. Not because I am not conviced by its potential. I just switch from holding back to buying it.

I want fast and deep change because life is already short and listening to this sub makes me think I will undo myself slowly. and this is soo tiring!

You know something popped up for me as I wrote this, as I once read this on a forum — quoting it – THIS IS WHAT DESIRE:



@SaintSovereign how can we do this too?


TAT, EFT, BSFF and newer techniques like PEAT are meridian therapy. I’m a certified trainer of PEAT and can say that never had seen any abreactions described. Its more like seems a depersonalization syndrome. First of all, it is needed to stop panic, because it does everything worse.

BSFF is a mild version of hypnosis and is COMPLETELY safe to run.

Anyway, before using anything it is recommended to make sure that user doesn’t hav any hidden mental disorders (especially schizophrenia and etc.).

Tranquilizer usually help with it.


I would suggest never stacking khan listen to each stage individually.


Yep, I would advice the same, I was doing stage 1 + 1-2 loops of stage 2, switched to only stage 1 and I feel better now!


So I need to study for my medicine exam, which is FUCKING HARD. I need to study Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Biology. I have a bit more than one month from now to study for it.
I am now thinking if I should change my stack as I am currently listening to Khan Stage 1?

I could either just continue listening to stage 1 without change but would miss out on some benefits
I could buy Limitless and add it to my stack (probably 2x Khan 1x Limitless) BUT this would split my stack and would make my results less profound
I could wait 10-15 days, and then I would have more than 30 days of listening time to Khan Stage 1 and could SWITCH to KHAN FULL which has a Limitless module build in.

What do you think?
Also, @Fire will the Limitless module in khan full be as sufficient for my needs as the regular Limitless sub?


A question if I may:
Considering that Khan is likely going to teach you (or school you in the case of Stage 1), do you really want to pile it on top of Chemistry, Physics, Math & Biology? Doesn’t your mind have enough to deal with already?

My opinion would be that if you wish to listen to subliminals because you really can’t wait one more month until the exams are over, then make yourself a Limitless/Beyond Limitless learning stack. Something to support your studies, instead of something meant to tear you down and force you to reinvent yourself.

But from your three options, I honestly don’t know if 1 or 2 is better. Wouldn’t switch to the other stages until after the stress of the exams is gone. You could add Limitless to Stage 1, I just don’t quite know how they would complement one another after everything we’ve heard about Stage 1.


Hmm, depends on how hard the exam is.

Khan ST1 by itself, right at the beginning, is not going to be easy to steer into academy and learning. Moreover, while it will break down your negative learning beliefs, that takes time.

Another option is to run ST3 of Khan. You will need to consciously guide it, but if you are able to, you will be breezing through the material on sheer action and focus.

Khan Complete is massive, so it’s going to depend on how well you can handle giant subliminals.

2x Khan (ST3 or Complete) + 1x Limitless, or even 2x Limitless, would be one of the wiser options.

Bending Reality | QL-ST4+BL

Wow THIS is gonna be a tough one

“sometimes you must run before you can walk”

Let’s suppose I can handle giant subs? Why would it be a better option than ST3?