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The manifestation and Limitless scripting. However, better is not a good word, because it all depends on you. If you can already pull 8-12 hour study sessions, Khan Complete would go well. If you struggle with taking action, ST3 would be wiser.

It is also dependent on whether you are able to guide the subliminal with your intention.


Guiding sub with intention? Sounds fresh :slight_smile: can you be a little more specific about this?

And, if I understand correctly - only Khan Complete do contain full Limitless programming and all other stages - don’t?


We always had this possibility. It is a simple combination of having your goals and intentions set and then taking action towards them. Your action and intention help the subliminal work at peak efficiency and to give you exactly what you want.

And partially correct. Some stages have different parts of Limitless where it is needed, while Khan Complete has the most of it. It is all very carefully designed and optimized.


I do have the issue of procrastination usually. HOWEVER, when I first sit down, I am very well-trained to study 10 hours a day. Mainly, because the exam is deciding my future and so has extreme importance for me, sitting down to study should NOT be a problem.

I am not a newbie to subliminals in general (started November 18 from another vendor), but I am not sure if I can guide the sub properly. Yet, I am thinking I could just obsess with my goal by for example writing it down every day.

Do I understand it correct that I would not need to guide the Khan Complete as much as ST3?

By the way, thank you so much @Fire! Seems like Khan Complete might be the better choice…


@Fire you mentioned something about a “Khan how-to”/ manual earlier in this thread. Will it be available someday or was it just an idea back then? Is it something that could help with the usage?


Dont understand why anyone would need a khan manuel. Just plug youself in and listen.


For faster and better results?


I listened to ST1 for 18 days now and I can’t reach the minimum listening time.
When I switch today, do I lose my progress? Or should I wait ten more days as my exam is on August the 14th giving me a bit more than a month listening time to Khan Complete? @Fire


I recommend to use Khan ST1 together with meditation and Morty Lefkoe method.


You will.loose your progress if i remember correctly one has to liaten for a at least 30 days.


The mind never actually forgets anything, it’s all still in there. The synaptic pathways have been created. We just can’t always get to it. That said, you might regress if you fall back into old habits/beliefs, so it is important to continue taking the actions that support Khan, even if Khan isn’t there to nudge you. Demonstrate to yourself that Khan is where you intend to be. You manage that and worst case scenario you’ll stay right where you are.


I’m lost. Which one is the manifestation script that you mentioned?


I am not going to stop listening to Khan, only to ST1 and I will switch to Khan Complete. I thought about it more, and I feel like the only negative is that I won’t experience the full benefits of Total Breakdown as other people here on the forum when they hit 30/60/90 days.

Oh and thank you for all your posts! I really enjoy your insights, especially on the manifestation post.

Honest Review of Khan

He talks about Khan Complete (ST4) which has the additional limitless and manifestation scripting. However, as he wrote above:


Thanks very much, buddy!
Good luck in your studies. I’m at the other end, doing medical residency. We need to be limitless to accomplish our goals.


Ahhh nice to hear! :wink:

I know in the end I have to make the decision but you guys here are more familiar with Subliminal Club products. What would you do following the last posts here in this thread? St3 or St4 ?
Especially @Salchichon and @AMASH


Personally, since you’re going through an exam soon, I’d focus on Limitless until the exam date, with a few loops of ST1 to keep the results intact.

So, something like: 4x Limitless 2.0 + 1x Khan ST1

Then go back to 100% Khan ST1 as soon as the exam is done.


AMASH is right the great thing about sub club products is you can stack them whichever way you choose.


I started with limitless v1 and Ascended Mogul, I will say that, suddenly I was more focused on money, but not on my study. I felt a diffuse neck pain for weeks, like thyroiditis. I stopped them, but keeping limitless. Then, I try two weeks on emperor v2, I felt great, unstoppable, and I got divorce. My ex-wife still imagine we could return together, but in my mind, she was toxic. Emperor acted, so I sent her to hell. I switched to emperor v3, bit I don’t feel in the same level.
Khan give me a new hope, so I started ST1 with the idea to doing one module per month exclusively, but I’m contributing to test ssX, right now.
So, unfortunately, I can’t give you an advice due to not having experienced of Limitless, at least perceivable on my studies.


The first rule of the Private Testing Group is you do not talk about the Private Testing Group! :wink:

By the strong words you used (I sent her to heck) I’m guessing there’s still some leftover emotion there. I wonder if Emperor (or Khan) makes it so you just don’t invest any energy in it anymore. The point where you can part without any leftover attachments. You know:
“Honey, you’re great I’m sure, but you will never help me get where I need to go at this stage in my life, nor I you. I wish you all the best in your life, truly do, but we are going to have to go our separate ways lest we both suffer.”

Anyways, good luck @friday and try not to overload yourself!