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I cant wait until I am able to purchase Khan. Stage 1 is exactly what I’ve been looking for, for a long time. Fuck renovation. Burn the fucker down and rise from the ashes


I split my stack in three distinct cycles.

At night i play

Playlist C Elixer + Dreams. Regen, spartan, ST1


Wow, Regeneration, Spartan AND ST1. That’s a heavy workload right there.

And how do you do that with Elixir and Dreams? Those are hypno-sessions, right? I’ve been trying to figure out how to best incorporate one of those at the start of the playlist only, with my stack repeating after that.


Did anyone notice the new supercharger module that snuck onto the store called True Social? Seems to me it might work quite well with certain aspects of Khan.


That supercharger was announced, it was released like a month back. But it could indeed be quite good combination with Khan. I guess you will amplify the social part of Khan.


I don’t recall seeing it in the Latest Products sidebar or the SuperChargers category until yesterday. Guessing from the fact that the link already has 10 clicks in an hour, I’m not the only one that missed it. Progress waits for no man! :slight_smile:

It’s good to see a social supercharger in addition to the romantic supercharger. After lots of loops of Khan Stage 3, maybe running a loop or two of Libertine and True Social before going out will have quite the effect on your day (or night).


I think you might have been right with that it hasn’t been announced. I knew it was the supercharger where the were problems with the women who did the vocal. However I thought that after the delay the supercgarger was still openly released. Apparently this wasn’t the case when I just looked back at the thread of TS.


When you said that, I was of course tempted to look for the announcement thread. You’re right, quite the mess. I trust she ended up alright, given that the product has now been released.

I loved the Buddhist joke by the way. Already knew the first part, didn’t know @Neurokinetic’s addition.


Hi new to the forum. I have some questions @SaintSovereign

-Can I run the loops with a break. For example 3 loops break 4 hours and then another 3 loops each day?

-Will aura enhance produce faster results with khan or it is no needed? Would you recommend to add libertine in my routine if i want to focus on my sex life alongside with Khan? or i can combine all three? or maybe combining Khan with Sex & Seduction would be more optimal?

-Should I keep the loops steady or one day I can do 3 loops the other 8?


I started this before you edited Master Saint’s name in, so I might as well finish, I trust he’ll correct me if I’m wrong.

Feel free to run the loops however you wish. As long as you get the minimum listening hours in, it doesn’t matter how you divide up your day or if you get a different amount of listening time per day. The only remark I would make is that it’s probably more effective if you do finish listening to the tracks. So don’t listen to half of each track in your loop. If you take breaks, try to at least do so between tracks.

As for Aura, from what I understand it’s not meant to produce results faster, only to amplify them when they do manifest.

And Libertine should be a nice addition, I think. It’s a supercharger that fits the theme of Khan. If your focus for Khan is to improve your sex life, they should work well together.

Oh, another edit…

You could combine it with S&S, but I suspect that’s already a part of it. Primal Seduction might work well (too bad the elusive Iron Throne remains elusive, I recall Saint writing it would be perfect). Someone more knowledgeable than me will have to answer that one.


too bad the elusive Iron Throne remains elusive

What that means?


From what I’ve been able to gather, Iron Throne is a stripped down version of Primal Seduction that’s extremely targeted and should be used as a stacking module on top of another product. It was offered only to those people that pre-ordered Primal Seduction and is not publicly available.


My understanding is that Khan ST3 is Khan Iron Throne.


Hold on while I go on a scavenger hunt…

My logic tells me that means PS Iron Throne is not part of Khan. If it was, I would have expected a different answer.

On the other hand…

It may be that Khan contains targeted scripts much like Iron Throne. The part that forces action, wasn’t it?

If so, then imagine using them both… :slight_smile:


i think i will wait a creator to answer my questions because all these are very confusing. Thanks for the effort though. Much appreciated


Of course. You’re most welcome, I’m sorry I couldn’t help you. I’m certain @SaintSovereign will get to you when he can.

AMASH is a veteran, so he already knows many terms that new users don’t know about. And I just like hearing myself type. :slight_smile:

The Iron Throne thing is not relevant for you, you can safely ignore it.


Yes. But I meant the Iron Throne way of scripting which forces you into massive action. I believe that is how Stage 3 is scripted.


From the sales page:

Khan is an extremely sexual and social dominance focused subliminal, intertwining the best sexual and power aspects of Emperor, Daredevil and Primal Seduction: Iron Throne, creating a subliminal that will push even the most stubborn of individuals into action and success with women.


You’re absolutely right. Consider me sufficiently schooled.



I’m not sure how Aura would perform. It’s outdated technology at this point, compared to Khan, so the latter may just override it. Aura is IN Khan, however. Libertine can boost the sexual aspects of ANY stack. I wouldn’t add Sex & Seduction.

That’s up to you. If it works better for you, do it. If you get no results, switch back to a steady listening pattern.

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