Main Discussion Thread - Limitless v2



I would be happy to be part of the test group if you need more ppl.

Have you heard of Jim Kwik?


I have not, but I’ll take a look.


The mind palace is freaky. I tried a few times to learn it in the past. I was experimenting with influencing reality with constructs from the mind palace. Like, I’d creating a laboratory to craft “good health” potions, or a machinery with a on/off switch to control some functionalities of my body. It’s a mix of the mind palace and Silva method. Very interesting stuff.


Dude’s supposed to be one of the experts in all things learning/memory.

I’m not even sure if what he has to offer would help reach the end goal of Limitless, but you and @Fire are the ones that can decide that best. I certainly hope so!


Yes I have a course from this guy. He’s amazing.


That’s awesome. If you can integrate the Method of Loci into Limitless, this sub will be unbelievable.

I am studying for a PhD and can attest the power of the method, because I use it when “everything fails”. Anytime I make a Mind Palace for a particular concept or idea, I will remember it, every-single-time, no matter how many days has passed.

I’d love to see this happen and I’m sure everybody will find it truly beneficial.


I remember I believe Fire said you need to be at least 13 for limitless when asked last time by someone. I read your advertisement email just now and there is a special suprise in v2. Wondering if still safe for someone that young still.


Same rules still apply, 13 to 18 with parental supervision is good.


Thanks I’ll pick it up for my daughter soon.


Did you notice any tangible results from using this method?


Yes. I noticed tho, that these things were just behaving like servitors (e.g mind constructs) so that more or less work the same way. Not sure about the switches but I had created a potion to enhance my body and help with workout. My observations were that I could feel soreness all over my body just after drinking it. Most of the time it was overnight, when I imagined myself taking the “potion” before going to sleep. I’d wake up with sore muscles.
Not sure if it was really helping as I was working out anyway! But the effect was interesting to witness.


@SaintSovereign does Limitless help you think on your feet or assist in resolving barriers or blocks one may have because their intelligence was constantly questioned growing up? Also I you mentioned NDDK is in V2. What is the purpose or goal of NDDK?


I have been seriously considering adding Limitless V2 to my playlist that is currently just Regeneration. My reason for this is because Limitless is a learning based subliminal one of my biggest goals is to keep from making the same mistakes over and over. Would adding Limitless V2 be beneficial for this?


Yes, both.

As for NDDK, we cannot really share, but it is an useful addition that will help overall.

Depends what kind of mistakes those are. If they are mistakes for example in something practical or in an academic task, then yes. If they are mistakes coming from your inner character, then something else is better, such as Regeneration/Rebirth or Emperor, depending on the issue.


If Limitless V1 was a 3-dimensional being then V2 is 4-dimensional… and I don’t mean that 4-dimension is a time, it is like starting to think not only with your both hemispheres but accessing collective unconscious mind, collective spirit, if you want - God to empower thinking process. I was waiting that New Dawn will add a “hard” feeling to V2. Quite the opposite - its is easier and… more clever, I don’t know how to explain. Script definitely deserves an Oscar. V2 is must be present in any stack.


I just rewatched the Limitless movie. You are sounding like Eddie Morra when he pops the pill into his mouth for the first time.


:joy: King! I love this movie :slight_smile: will rewatch it in a few days :blush:


Thank you @SaintSovereign and @Fire.


V2 works like clock work. Guys its nothing like the movie Limitless i realky wish it was. My memory retention is far better on this version and i am only using 2 loops.


So you know the script?