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As of today I am moving from Primal to Primal Seduction. I have been listening to Primal since late October.

The rest of my stack will be Emperor V4 and Spartan. I have been listening to Spartan since late October. Emperor I had listened to for 9 months straight in v1 and 2 but it has not been in my stack since the end of May of '19. This will be my first go with V4.

Power Can Corrupt gets dropped for now.

I am figuring this looks like one hell of an alpha stack.


Did you notice any changes on Spartan?

There’s not much here about this sub…


Yes. It has really spurred me to work out regularly and more intensely, and connected with that I have made great strides in rehabilitating an injured knee on which I had surgery.

I would definitely recommend it and I have been running it in a stack, not even by itself.


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@SaintSovereign @Fire Make it happen


I doubt anything will get updated considering they are working on ‘Project Q’. Manually updating anything right now would be counterproductive.

Be patient, everything that has been effective in the past is still effective now. Nothing has changed. Once ‘Project Q’ is stable and finished I would assume many titles in the store will get improved and updated with the newer scripting technologies.

Entirely using QuantumTech for a script is in my opinion not the best way to go about it anyway. All this stuff takes time and isn’t just updated with the snap of a finger.

Great things are coming. Be prepared! :slight_smile:


Yes, this is the plan. :wink:


Why is there no main-thread about Primal?


Maybe, it was this one:


Glad to have you here on the forums @simon.


It seemed like Primal Seduction came out pretty close on the heels of Primal and it kind of got short shrift.

I ran it for about three months at the end of 2019 with Spartan before shifting to Primal Seduction in, I think, January of 2020.

I am not always so great at describing these things but there is a physical solidity and swagger to what Primal brings. It helps one to be better grounded and seated in the physical body. To me this is why Primal should be seen as a fundamental healing sub for a man.

I have Primal as one of the main cores of the healing Q subliminal I play in my bedroom. It is combined with Ascension and Sex Mastery along with several emotional healing modules, Ego Adsum and Lion IV.


I was just wondering, What is the difference between Primal Seduction and Primal Seduction Iron Throne?


PS: IT = no healing really. Just straight to the point.


From my reading, I would assume some other stuff was trimmed as well. IT is “Pure sexual/action scripting”, so things like perfect cologne is maybe removed.


Is Primal Seduction a really heavy program?


To my knowledge yes it is…
It has sex and seduction and primal…


In terms of raw number of pages it is probably nowhere near close to what can be found in some modern stacks. I shudder to think how many pages my custom alone has.

Of course pages don’t correspond perfectly to heaviness.


If you worried about it being heavy why not go primal then primal seduction.


Primal seduction and moreso IT, will be heavier since it will push you outside your comfort zone.

Primal will just make you comfortable to do what you feel you should do.

I would attribute Primal as a lion (apex animals don’t need to compete/try), IT/PS are the pack animals waiting and taking advantage of opportunities.

Downside of misused Primal, cultivation of “Herbivore behavior”, PS/IT… Insect swarm behavior. lol.


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Thanks for your inputs guys! Do you guys have any idea how significant is the “PS” similar scripting tailored for Stark Q?


Can primal be considered as a healing program?