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Since the IT script in Stark is also exposed to the archetype of Stark (Script), it wouldn’t be fair to try an compare the two subs. I would say, that the sexuality/action of IT would change into some sort of intellectual realm, or “whispering sweet nothings” as a difference that could manifest from IT. The information on the store mentions seducing a nun, so Stark would have to adapt to this enviroment, and tone back overt seduction for the more hidden/acceptable kind.

Since sanguine is in primal, it can heal issues solved by that sub.

As for primal in general, you will just find your behavior is naturally seductive and relaxing to women without trying. The major issue for me with primal (which could be solved by IT/PS), is just taking advantage of the abundance that primal gave me. I was (still am), restricting my behavior, due to strange beliefs/judgments. I imagine if I was in a big city or something I would have great results on primal.


Using this analogy, Primal speaks to me a million times more than PS


Yes! This is what I’m feeling as well. I can’t pin point exactly but it’s certainly changing something. I think it’s more inner peace and inner game for me, but I don’t know.

In 3 months time I will have a better idea what this does for me, but one thing I’m sure of, it has become one of my favorites.


Primal S has Primal however if you want to conquer your sexual insecurities more quickly it might be a good idea to run Primal first.


Does anyone know whether the module in Primal or Sex & Seduction that causes a deep connection between you and your partner or someone you have sex with in general is available in the Q-store and which one it would be?

Transcendental Connection is derived from The House of Medici so it surely is not that one. Love without Attachment? I’m not sure.


Sex Mastery + Male Enhancement

When it’s time to go really deep.


Don’t rule it out. TC is listed in the Romance and Sex category.
And it may be the only module that is specifically written to support connections for the long term.

Torchbearer ?

An example of choosing the module based on the unique needs of the relationship, instead of a generic connection one.



I’m definitely going to include Transcendental Connection in tandem with Inner Circle it is going to blow everyone away at the depth-full and loyal friendships I’ll be generating. However, I’m looking at additional options to reinforce that concept even more.

Surely have looked into Torchbearer, however, there is literally no information available from users here on the Forum and so I have no idea how it’ll execute.

“Building trust, inspiring others, being encouraging and having patience are invaluable qualities in any leader” – I love these qualities a lot, although it clearly states that it is focused upon team members and not all people in general, and I do not care of being a leader, rather an inspiration, someone trustful, uplifting and encouraging… so actually clearly what it is stating, yet not with the leadership Archetype and solely within situations regards to team meetings.

(perhaps it is faulty for me to think it is only focused upon business situations and team meetings, but it certainly comes off like that in the description). And this is the case with many modules, you really do not have an idea how it exactly executes for you as a person, unless you have actually tried it in a program or in a Custom, hence why I loved the module descriptions for Titles and I’d love to see a demo version of each module on the Q-store like a one-minute audio file on each module you listen to 20-times or (extremely focused) to see the modules affect you and decide whether that’s something you want or not.


You and I are looking for the same kind of modules, it seems!


Certainly, I’ll be your guinea-pig then… :wink: :laughing:

I believe my Custom is almost finalized; here’s what I’m currently looking at – I’m leaning towards Godlike Masculinity and Discordia Deliverance instead of Blue Skies (initially I was thinking Blue Skies may give me that upper-hand to disperse love to everyone including myself when networking and building personal and business associated relationships), as for Torchbearer, I have listed it below yet I have no idea what to swap it out with… perhaps Business Tactician but I love that one a lot, and it would probably go hand in hand with Torchbearer.