Main Discussion Thread - Primal Seduction NEW DAWN


Once we update older titles to New Dawn – that’s it. That’s the version of New Dawn they’re gonna use until we evolve our platform. So, if we upgrade now, we won’t be upgrading to later versions. Keep in mind that we’re going to build onto New Dawn all year. We want to wait until at least the start of summer before upgrading them.


That sounds like perfect timing honestly. Thank you for the quick response @SaintSovereign


I remember the thread where we compared emperor with primal in terms of dominance training and results with women. If someone needs more “dominance” and “assertion” to seduce, then emperor will change this… I tried emperor last weekend in the club, and my night was really different than usual in terms of being direct and being physically close to women…

Is the part of emperor lite include this increase assertion and dominance? :open_mouth:


This is mind-blowing. I want to have this but not now instead can I beg you to release Ultimate artist or Mogul writer or anything to do with art/writing/talent. Please please please @Fire and @SaintSovereign.

I’m in love with my Stack of Emperor and Limitless. So many great changes I love it. I know I’m not updating my journal because I’m too busy in taking action. Only kind of subliminal missing from my stack is Ultimate artist. I’m literally begging… Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee


We hear you. :slight_smile:

Ultimate Artist is in the works. Most likely the next title after Primal Seduction, or the title after it.



@SaintSovereign I know we have had this discussion before and I know what your reply will be that is subclub will not spend time engineering auras into subs just so you can look like a pretty flower and get women to approach you.

Whilst running emperor + spartan + aura module I noticed that women were more open to being approached. From my observations I believe that the sum of all three programs created this.

Could this be recreated in Primal seduction. I have no idea whether it was the aura or something else but it seems like that whatever these 3 subs did they did a bloody good job together.


@blackadder If you look in at the modules in the new primal it has Aura New Dawn
and Generate an Irresistible Aura of Attraction this could be something similar to what you have described


@Slickman thanks i am going to order this right away. Shame we have to wait till.27th before released. It reminds me od having to wait for next seasons Game of Thrones.


Game of Primal Seduction. Is to be exact :smile:


Does the Normal “Primal” sub contains SEX MASTERY X script?


@Acer i believe it does


Yep. I’ll be adding module lists to the rest of the subliminals over the next few days. I already added them to Regeneration and some others. You guys asked, we’re going to deliver.


Haha yes your correct


@SaintSovereign would it be possible to raise the libido for stronger erections ?. I am older then most of the.guys here so a way to raise thr libido would be of benefit.


Yes, we’re going to attempt to do so.


Pre-order bonus is Primal Seduction: Iron Throne (yes, a shameless plug for the return of Game of Thrones, of which myself and @Fire are quite fond of).

Iron Throne will perform much differently than Primal Seduction, as it’s very focused on the goal, but in a much different way. We predict it’ll be much harder to run, as we’re stripping out any and all scripting that gives our titles that “smooth” feeling.

Doesn’t mean it’s more powerful. Doesn’t mean it’s less power. Just a different way to achieve a goal. Some people respond better to this – like myself.

What is Iron Throne?

Will code name Iron Throne be available as a masked sub ?


I think the million dollar question is who dares take on the challenge of the Iron Throne ?.

One subliminal to rule them all.


This is probably a dumb question but what exactly is the goal? Is it a personal goal or the inbuilt goal of the subliminal? Like where on the sale page it lists the objectives for example.


Saint, can you please give more details about the purpose of Supreme Rebirth? Is it advanced version of Rebirth or something? :slight_smile: