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Rebirth had limiters. Supreme Rebirth does not. :wink: It’s not necessary for every subliminal, but for many reasons, people have a hard time running and/or getting results from sexual based subliminals. In this situation, something that hits a bit deeper is necessary.


Interesting. Inpatiently waiting to try and see the effects! Primal Seduction can become a real breakthru, not just a very good enhancer.


@Dmitry are yiu planning on using Iron Throne or are the normal version ?


I think I will start from standard one. Not because I afraid of hard version, I have enough experience of running “hard” subs.

Standard version for sure. And then Iron Throne, of course. This will help to educate my subconscious mind of different data input.


@Dmitry That sounds like a very sensible approach. I myself rather then going for the jugular will also give the standard version ago to prime my subconscious. Only then will i challenge myself to Iron Throne.


Will this be a free upgrade if we have already purchased both Primal and S&S?


I can’t say for certain but I would say no. It’s a separate product. It’s not an upgrade and they aren’t simply just combining the two programs.


@SaintSovereign I know this might sound alittle preposterous. However when I did use a competitor mulitistage product. There were days when I was able to “channel” sexual energy through my eyes into the girls eyes whilst talking to her and I know she could feel it. Is there something you can add into the script to allow this to happen ?


Not to sound rude, but we’re not interested in trying to create clones or cheap rip-offs of competitor’s products. The effect that you had on those women is a natural phenomenon that occurs any time there’s sexually charged energy — it doesn’t need to be directly scripted. You can cause this to happen by looking at someone attractive and vividly imagining something sexual.


@SaintSovereign your not rude mate you are bejng brutally honest thankyou


I can do it with emperor and primal, I would say it is how you feel in your body… you desire her, you make eye contact… she see you and boom, intense eye contact, like you could makeout with her just then and there…

I would say it is your attitude in the moment, try to connect to your desire and dominant side… try to remember how you felt in your body when you experienced it… and then try to get back in that state!


Another big thing when trying to “channel” your sexual energy, is actually being attracted to the girl. At least in my experience as someone who actively goes out and does pick up 4-5x week, it’s easy to get caught up in going at your approaches as a form of self validation, or trying to work on my social anxiety. However when there’s a real primal attraction for a girl the sexual vibe is there whether you want it to be or not. Girls have a very keen sense of social awareness, if there’s actual desire their she’ll know, and there’s nothing more of a turn on for a girl than being truly desired.


You forgot to say that this only the case if the girl is attracted to you too. Otherwise she’ll just feel annoyed or creeped out.


Orion\Niles\White Tiger A warm thanks to all of you for sharing your wisdom .


Let’s not veer too far into PUA / seduction strategy on this particular thread, since it’s for questions and comments related to the sub’s development. If someone wants to make a topic in the Emperor’s Lounge, that’s fine.


What is the duration of Primal Seduction files?


Not sure, as we haven’t actually built it yet, still scripting it. Most likely, an hour.


Can you run Supreme Rebirth with other subs for example Emperor?


Just wanted to know a little bit more concerning the type way it will developp you as an “alpha male”, I already know that primal seduction contains additionnal assertion+domination scripting. What would it be like in a job or any other aspect of life which is not related to sex…

I know primal seduction is still heavily centered around sex, so I don’t expect having a huge drive to build a business and make go to the gym or something, but how is the “alpha” part of the sub is going to play out differently? Is the dominance training only geared toward woman, or will I have overall an easier time asserting myself in this world?


The alpha training is geared toward increasing attraction and providing a base for dealing with that increased attraction.