Main Discussion Thread - Primal Seduction NEW DAWN


@SaintSovereign @Fire

What stack would you recommend to someone running this exclusively (primal seduction + supreme rebirth) to see the fastest result?

Since this is New dawn, i saw you mention in previous threads to take a day off after 5 days/12 hours.
How would the stack look like?


Try Primal Seduction first, to see how it works for you, then add other subliminals to your stack. It is good to know the effects it creates so you can accentuate what you want.

The stacking process doesn’t change - you simply listen as much as you can for 5 days, then take a break.


I was seriously considering buying the pre order but also being married myself I am going to take the advice of @SaintSovereign and not purchase Primal Seduction.


Just ordered primal seduction i think i have every product besides sex mastery, gaming and mua tai lol, I want to run this till at least till the end of the year


I’m glad to hear that you guys decided to cut back on the scripts you are going to implement. I hate to talk about them again on this forum. But I think adding too many scripts was one of the mistakes a competitor of you made. I denfinitley feel like less is more in this case.


Fire is it really a requirement to take a break every 5 days ?. I like to keep things simple and listen everyday.


The suggestion was to do 12 hours a day 5 days on, and then a 2 days break. Maybe you would have the same effect with 8 hours a day, no break :thinking: I think we will need to experiment!

By the way, I was wondering, I never pre-order, for those who already pre-ordered other products, how does it work they add the download to our download list tomorrow or tonight? Or maybe later since New Dawn is so freaking hard to build! :open_mouth:


Yup, totally agree. That’s the reason his subs are getting worse and less effective with the time.


When will he be released? What time?


Haha, I believe I know which competitor you’re talking about, I agree that all the “new tech” he says he’s upgrading all the time, is not doing much…

Btw, I’ve just browsed his forums and found out that his( already overpriced) latest product for $600 will have a new price of $1500… Unf*ckingbelieveable :slight_smile:


@SaintSovereign should us married guys avoid using Primal by itself as well?


It’ll show up in your account tomorrow night. Releases are always the day after pre-orders end.


Primal by itself should be fine. PS has a lot more motivation scripting in it, pushing you to seek women, hence why I said it could cause issues. It’s one thing to just become more attractive, another to actively search for opportunities to be with other women. PS has some serious short term and long term sexual / romantic manifestation in it too.


that is, 27.03.2019, 20: 00 will be released?


I have gained some very strong alpha qualities on emperor in the last 4 weeks. I hope they are not lost when i switch to Primal Seduction.


Well there is emperor Lite in the sub… parts of emperor that makes you an attractive man. Since being “alpha” makes you attractive, it is possible that those qualities are maintained. I was thinking the same thing yesterday… will I still want to focus on making money and investing? Probably a little bit less, but at the same time, being a man on your path makes you attractive, maybe the motivation for being on your path will change. :wink:


Bad news everyone. Primal Seduction and Iron Throne is delayed until tomorrow. Monday, I came down with the nastiest case of the flu (I don’t think I’ve ever been this sick before), leaving @Fire to try and handle everything on his own. I’m just now getting the energy to even post today - was bedridden all week. Unfortunately, New Dawn is so taxing to build that his computer crashed multiple times and now we’re behind.

That being said, Primal Seduction is possibly the smoothest subliminal we’ve built. We very much apologize for the delay, but we have a surprise in store to make up for it. :wink:


Get well soon Saint, take care of your health first it is the most important thing.


Good luck and take care of yourself! Subconscious knows when to have a rest, so it is okey :slight_smile:



Your health is your priority. When your back on your feet we look foreward to PS. Get well soon my friend.