Main Discussion Thread - Primal Seduction NEW DAWN


I dont mind waiting till next week tbh i would rather you take your time and get it done to the standard you do your other subs than rush it. Im sure most people would agree. Get well soon


Will it be released today?


I was curious comcerning who would benefits most from iron throne vs regular version of the subliminal? In which ways are they using different ways to change your belifs? :slight_smile:


Is there a problem?
Will he be released today? And Saint is so sad. I wish you lots of healing.


We’re at the final stages of building masked and ultrasonic, we will likely release tonight.

Iron Throne will be released tomorrow.


Do you have a certain time tonight?


We have our theories, but Iron Throne is extremely stripped down and focused. While the regular version has emotional and mental healing, Iron Throne is just pure, streamlined sexual scripting.

What is Iron Throne?

When can we download it?


Soon. Primal Seduction is almost done. It’ll be another day or so for Iron Throne. I’m just now able to get back to work, and even then I shouldn’t push it, especially since the doctor prescribed me a mild opiate for the body aches, so I’m a bit high, hahaha. Last thing I need to do right now is edit a script.

  1. So will it be a Stack Module like Centurion?
    That would be great.

  2. Regardless of Major or Stack, please produce a Masked version of Iron Throne as well.

Doesn’t matter if it takes a few extra days.
Thank you for all your hard work.


No, it’s not a stack module. It’s a full featured subliminal. We just cut back on a lot of things and changed the scripting up to achieve the goal.


My theory is when you are running another sub, let’s say, Emperor, it might be better to run Irone Throne over Primal Seduction as the second-sub because it is stripped down and so feel smoother when not listened as often in comparison to the full script of PS.


Uploading Primal Seduction now.


Primal Seduction is now available. If it’s not in your account yet, please wait about 10 minutes, as the automated script is currently updating everyone’s account.

I’ll check back in about an hour to see if there’s any issues. If not, I’m going to relax and try to continue recovering from this plague with a nice session of The Division 2 with the lady. :wink:


Its alive! ALIVE! :slight_smile: Thank you very much Saint and Fire! :slight_smile:

Both files are 45 minutes long… GREAT!!!


This also made me very happy. I was not excited about adding another 60-75 minutes onto my stack Every minute counts!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


So Sanguine is part of my old/current stack and is also in PS. Is it a partial script or less effective in any way? Or could I remove Sanguine from the stack to cut that 30 minutes from the list and still reap the same benefits?


@SaintSovereign and @Fire
What do you guys think of stacking primal seduction and iron throne together?


When you have some spare time now, more information on Iron Throne would be very welcomed :wink:

Also, do you agree with this theory or is it completely BS.


Thank @Fire. He went through hell trying to get this thing built.