Main Discussion Thread - Primal Seduction NEW DAWN


Honestly, no way of telling as everyone is different. You’ll have to experiment and see how you feel. Don’t be afraid of making a “wrong” move, you won’t lose your results.


Truth! The path is always forward. I’ll play around with it and see what happens. Mayhaps time to start my journal :wink:


Thank you @Fire for all you put into what is undoubtedly yet another winning sub


Thanks.again Fire


With PS being new technology can i continue listening to emperor. So for example 2 loops emperor in the morning. Then run PS in the evening. So there would be a huge rest period before listening to both in 24 hours.


You are amazing, guys! Did I repeat something already said before? :grin:


People are getting the wrong impression about Iron Throne. It’s a full fledged subliminal, just stripped down a bit. Not to the point that it’s a stack module, however.


I do not think that it is a stack module.
However, it is stripped down so, in theory, it should work (slightly) better as a second sub. Nevertheless, I understand your point. Iron Throne is likely not that different from PS as to make a significant difference in comparison to PS when used as a second sub. But what is the point in using Iron Throne then? You must have had a vision in mind in why to create and build it? What is that goal?


When will the throne be released?


Likely tomorrow if everything goes smoothly, at most after tomorrow.


I appreciate its still earky days and will see how things progress over the next few weeks. When i run emperor i can feel the strenght of the sub “running through my veins”…

With PS after 8 hours not getting the same feel as emperor. I am goiing to stack both Emperor and PS together.


Will Iron throne be also released as masked?


Fire/Sovereign apologies in advance if i am sounding like a troll. I did 7 loops of Primal Seduction and woke up feeling anxious. In fact this is a far cry from when i was on emperor for the last 30 days. Is this something you can relate to from your testing ?.

Perhaps i rebirth for a few loops before running PS to dilute the effects of feeling anxious ?


The above replies are why I understand they’re creating Iron Throne.

If a man already has the necessary self-esteem & self-love,
he doesn’t need any emotional and mental healing;

If he has a “good internal base” - meaning, he is already sitting on a Throne:smile:
then all he needs is “pure, streamlined sexual scripting.”


The same point as is for Primal Seduction. The difference is in the WHO.

:monkey_face: Who needs the whole of PS scripting, and
:lion: Who can have all its benefits with the “extremely stripped down and focused” IT?



That’s exactly what I thought:

When you run Emperor, for example, you already have a

so you can have all the benefits with the extremely stripped down and focused Iron Throne. :wink:


By the way, I love your metaphor here :wink:


This is a typical reconciliation response: “the sub isn’t doing anything, I’m gonna switch it up.” First, it’s been like two days. Be patient.

Next, Primal Seduction is a no holds barred subliminal, it’s not going to be easy to absorb. As with every title, if you want to see and feel results, make yourself look presentable, go to where women are and observe their responses to your “approach.” You don’t have to do pickup style seduction. Just say hello, or nod, or grin, or make interested eye contact as you pass.

Sexual subs are hard to make because men don’t understand this. Sex is always carries a high risk to your ego, given the fact that women bear the burden of having to push humanity forward by procreating with only the strongest. You must be strong and fearless if you want widespread success, even on a subliminal.

The sub, however, WILL make it easier when you provide a pathway to manifestation. That’s why you see immediate results on Emperor — it’s sctually easier to manifest. Register a domain name, boom — you got the start of an online business. Easy manifestation path.

With PS, you gotta face the women.


Running PS for two nights already and a few times masked. Definitely, need more time to absorb and understand it :slight_smile:

BUT! I feel strongly that PS does RIGHT things. I can’t articulate what does it mean concretely but it is strong feeling that something RIGHT is going on in my subconscious.

Thats initial observations. More later.


Will the iron throne be released today? Thanks for your efforts.


Iron Throne (Ultrasonic only for now) is available via the download panel. Please give it about 10 minutes if it doesn’t show up.

I’m still very sick – seemed to be relapsing, but today I had to deal with insane nausea and fatigue, could barely get anything done. Will update soon.