Main Discussion Thread - Primal Seduction NEW DAWN


Dear SaintSovereign,
I appreciate very much all you and Fire efforts to provide us with the best subliminals possible. However, your health and we’ll being are more important that self-imposed deadlines.
Just take care of yourself guys.
Thanks for all!


Greetings, hi.
I’m new in here.
I bought the emperor And primal seduction and notice there is new sub named iron throne on my account.
Is that a pre order bonus ? What does it do ?
Because i did not find any description on the web



@SaintSovereign Please stop working and get some rest


Iron throne is a modified version of primal seduction where there is no emotional healing and only focused on pushing yourself to change.


Will give iron throne masked ago when it is released. Right now i am priming my subconsuis with the standard version.


Does it has different goals than the Primal Seduction? If not, isn’t that a little bit reddundant ?


I think we all need to send an Unconditional Love energy to Saint, so he can become healthier sooner! :relieved:


Same goal, different path to achieve the goal :wink: We also thought that Iron Thrones might be better to use in a stack with other major subliminals because it will bring out the “sexual” part of thing in a more agressive way compared to the regular one. If you are already healed, or already have another program that is healing you, then why add more healing script?


Its been 2 days on Primal Seduction. I feel alot more chilled and laid back when i hit on girls. My attitude is more playful.

On emperor i had a very cocly and funny “Tony Stark” dominating vibe.


I wonder if Primal and Sex & Seduction will be upgraded to New Dawn and when Limitless New Dawn and Aura New Dawn will be updated.


On Emperor in tandem with Rebirth I was approaching women without fear like I was overconfident. With Primal Seduction I feel alittle insecure but still approach women. Once the interaction goes well I just flow. I do not feel the same overconfident cocky leader as I did on Emperor.

I am going to experiment with running emperor and PS together. As I enjoy the strong alpha leadership power that Emperor gives me.

If anyone has any insights, thoughts feedback please share.


I would advise you to give Primal Seduction a little bit more time, before combing Emperor and PS. What I experienced so far with New Dawn is that it goes deep, bringing emotions and fears to the surface.

I dream very vividly and always write my dreams down. What I noticed with New Dawn subs is that my dreams got more intricated, scarier and contain my deepest fears; I did not realise I had.

The same is probably happening to you, which is good.
I am curious to hear your next reports.


Same here, I have had a lot of different emotions in the last few days! :open_mouth:


Chaps thankyou for your suggestions. I will stick with PS by itself.for now.

I hit on 4 girls today nothing astounding to report.
All of them were warm and friendly but nothing came of them. One girl was married another was.about to get married.


Listened to iron throne lastnight with rebirth kept me awake most of the night felt like someone was drilling my head open its definately got some power to it i feel spaced out this morning


@slickman Do you think stacking with rebirth eases the listening ?.


I think so but to be honest the power of iron throne was something else its like i could feel the raw energy coming off it, had a lot of indicators of interest today of a lot of women even though i was shattered and felt like shit, My emotions are a bit all over the place trying to get used to ps, the confidence i get of it is a sort of i dont give a f**k whilst with emperor it felt like a more smooth confidence. Time will tell i usually give subs at least 2 months trial before i come to a conclusion


Primal Seduction is working well so far less up and down emotions. I did four cold approaches today nothing came of them but i was.very chilled about it. I seem to be reading morw about pick up and dating as I my mind searches for answers.


Hmm, listening for PS since the launch. Interesting to note: I don’t understand what it is doing on me. I feel something deep, very deep but not obviously about seduction or sex related. Dreams very intense but, once again not obviously seduction related.

See what happens next.


Starting to get dreams now. Last night I had a dream that I was standing under a giant shower in my living room.