Main Discussion Thread - Primal Seduction NEW DAWN


I had a dream that i was on the train and i had pheromones in my bag and the ticket guy searched my by bag and took them off me strange or what lol


Are you guys doing 5 days on two days off method? Personally did a one day break yesterday!
Also, I never remember my dreams so it is hard for me to experience those wierd dreams, but I can feel something changing… I have the attitude “I don’t give a f”, and really say what I want to say, I tease people a lot for fun, I don’t give a shit about being rejected and stuff like that…

Still recovering from a sprain so I have difficulties standing up for more than few minutes… don’t feel like going clubbin’ like that, but I will soon go! :smiley:


Can’t wait for Stock Market Mastery X :money_mouth_face:


@WhiteTiger i am also developing a IDGAF attitude. PS is working its magic.


@WhiteTiger I am not doing 5 days on 1 day off.

My listening is 7 loops a night everyday without breaks.


Kano once stock mastery comes out prepare to see money fall from the skies.

PS definitely does motivate you to go out and meet women. Even if you don’t go out on a mission. It makes you talk to girls when your out.

Emperor did the same but PS makes you more calibrated.


when will iron throne masked be out


Very rarely do we release experimentals / pre-order bonuses as masked. If there’s a huge demand for it, we’ll consider it, but right now, we need more feedback on Primal Seduction as a whole.


oh ok, i thought for some reason there would be a masked version coming out, so if im not wrong the whole programme is complete other then future updates which might come out


Several of us use the Masked versions exclusively.
It’s probably a HUGE but silent minority. :wink:


Speaking of Iron Throne, does it include all the same Modules as Primal Seduction?
Limitless, Centurion, Sanguine, Evolution, Supreme Rebirth, Impeccable Style, Emperor Lite, Spartan Lite, etc.


I just want to iterate a masked version of iron throne would be beneficial. As its not practical fir me to use ultras.


I think eventually they should include a description for the the pre order experimentals, that way people know what it does, and what it includes.


Yes, that’s why we started doing masked subs in the first place – we were ultrasonic only at first. Experimentals are a different animal. We’re doing more than just removing / adding modules. Making a masked track for them takes forever. That being said, we aren’t getting enough feedback here even on the core program to really justify the time investment for masked experimentals. If you guys want us to start releasing masked versions of experimentals, we need to see more journals.

You don’t have to make a long, detailed journal – just an outline of what you’re noticing on the program.


We gave a description of Iron Throne – it’s Primal Seduction with less support modules, hyper emphasis on the sex modules. We won’t releasing official descriptions of the modules within our experimental tech.


My biggest insecurity being in my 50s is not being able to get an erection when I am with a girl I like. Is there something to overcome this in PS ?


I’m not sure about PS but I used to have issues getting it up from nerves/anxiety and since including sex mastery in my stack I no longer have any issues.


Thanks Niles hopefully there is a feature in PS that helps


Get Sex Mastery X. Do 1-2 loops a day. Warning, I think it’s US only – one of the subs we need to upgrade. But it works.


@SaintSovereign Unfortunately since SM is not masked its not practical for me to use the ultrasonics i am hoping that at some point in the future you will provide SM as a masked.