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Go forth and build. I know I’m supposed to write an inspirational speech here about how this has been the dream of @Fire and myself since we started this company, but… I’m incredibly tired and I’m taking a break for a few hours, haha. Just know that we’re very proud of what we built.

A few things:

  1. There will be bugs and errors.
  2. Please send those bugs and errors to @Fire and myself PRIVATELY via PM. This is so we can keep up with all the issues without having to hunt them down.
  3. Descriptions of each module aren’t completely fleshed out yet. I’m about to make a thread for you to ask questions about modules.
  4. Yes, you can buy. Your accounts have already been transferred over to Q. Same username, same password. For those without an account, both sites are linked now (or at least it should). If you open an account on SubClub’s site, it’ll be available on Q (and vice versa).

Have fun, and I’ll be back in a bit to answer questions!

Before release information (old):

As mentioned in the business retreat thread, @Fire and myself spent most of our time in Paris discussing and testing the “Project Quintessence (Q)” MVP. Project Q is so ambitious that we weren’t sure we’d be able to pull it off, but with each new prototype, we’re becoming more and more confident about its feasibility, and we’re excited to release a few more details.

So – what exactly is Q?

Q will represent different things to different people. For you, the customer and end user, Q is an automated, self-service platform that will allow you to create highly customized, name embedded subliminals. While we’re still working out all of the fine details, it’ll work something like this – you select [x] number of modules from Q’s library (many of which are brand new and exclusive to Q), adjust some parameters, hit submit and a few hours later, your completely customized subliminal will be sent to you. Q will allow you to completely tailor your subliminal experience, as you’ll be able to create subliminals that fits your needs exactly rather than the “broad spectrum” subliminals on the market today. Just like all of our titles, you’ll be able to stack subliminals created by Q with our main titles, which gives you even more choice over your self-development.

Speaking of our main titles, Q will allow us to create and update them MUCH quicker. Now that the process is completely automated, all we have to do is create the script, load it into Q and wait for it to pop out the files. That means we’ll be able to update ALL of our titles, even multistages, to the latest subliminal technologies with much less delay.

Pricing details will come later. It’ll cost more than our mainstream titles, but still affordable. We’re also implementing more financing and credit options. Potentially, a subscription service. We’ll see.

There’s more to Q that we’re not ready to talk about yet. But, there’s a reason why I had @Fire create me a custom subliminal named STARK and I have begun to intensely study data science, machine learning and AI… :wink: But that’s long-term stuff that’ll occur years from now.


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Well, that is ambitious indeed.
Very excited to see that


Now we know where James Bond gets his mojo from, he goes to Q.


That’s just perfect! Am guessing it will be way less than the cost of Custom Subliminals. And it will free both @Fire and you to focus on improving subliminal tech too.

Am just imagining the possibilities of this. No longer do we need to buy a whole subliminal just to get some of its benefits. We can mix and match to suit our goals. And it will concentrate on what we want and help us get there quicker.

Not that there is anything wrong with the original single stage and multi stage subs though. They serve their purpose too being more affordable and general purpose.

My request is to also add some modules for health (cellular and organ health) and physical enhancement (height, muscles and penis size) as and when possible.

And when you say “long term stuff” do you mean that project Q won’t release any products this year or are you referring to your research regarding Data Science, Machine Learning and AI?


I do have a question though. In 2019 you moved away from the concept of modules in favor of more contiguous subliminals. Now you are moving back to modules? How would they be woven to work together, considering the number of combinations that people may choose would likely only increase over time?


@DarkPhilosopher - SaintSovereign 's STARK enterprises will be able to make customised Iron Man armours for all of us. All of them will be unique and cool. Woah! Choose your armour! Hulk Buster. War Machine. Classic Iron Man. Etc


I actually sent Saint a personal message that if he got a sudden urge to start building exoskeletons, he should probably take a break from STARK.

Great minds think alike.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming. Blackadder, I believe this is your cue to tell us all about how the subliminal market will be turned upside down, our lives will never be the same again, the concept of normal will be redefined and superpowers may yet become possible. :wink:


I thought all are going to speculate on which weekend it is going to be released now.


Nailed it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@DarkPhilosopher - Am guessing that @blackadder has already made a trailer in his mind for Project Q.

And am thinking that my armour will be naturally called “Wreck it Ralph”


I am wondering: How will you make sure the names are being pronounced correctly? There are people here from all over the world with sometimes pretty complicated names, more complicated than Alex and Joe for instance


You mean like Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (Me High Cheek Sent Me High, in case you’re wondering)? :slight_smile:

He actually wrote a book I highly recommend called Flow.

blackadder is composing his epic comeback as we write…


Yes. It MAY also lower the cost of customs a bit also (for special cases where Q doesn’t fit).


The latter. We’re expecting Q to launch this year.


Contact support, we’ll help you enter the order.


Wait, this is open already?
Edit: Alright, got it


I was right…almost…:):sunglasses: great news! I hope it still be affordable for non-US residents.


My intuition was right on with this. Great work, I see innovation, lovely!


We moved away from the concept of modules because it didn’t fit the goals of the mainstream titles. The module concept is still sound – it just wasn’t the best way to go about it. With a customized subliminal, however, without an overarching theme, modules will work perfectly. We’ve still got our SubClub spin on them, however, and most of them will still integrate with each other. Obviously, some will integrate easier than others, but for the most part, the modules will still connect like puzzle pieces.


So someone could create a QL emp UA beast with name embedded? lol