Main Discussion Thread - Q


Awesome! I am also down big time to apply to test EV5 Q style baby!


I have sometimes. It really does quiet the mental chatter and helps me focus on doing whatever it is I’m working on at the time. Well, maybe not cardio fitness…


No – it’s designed to make masked and ultrasonic subliminals. Superchargers still have to be created by hand.


Right in the feels


Am in for emp v5


I’m down to try the testing for LimitlessQ. I’m only running Quantum Limitless, and so, I can stop that to test LimitlessQ.


I have been Thinking a lot about what @DarkPhilosopher said above. And I agree.

LimitlessQ in addition to picking one skill set (a language, instrument, subject) would objectively be the best vehicle for testing.

Especially if it is something you have tried to learn before or have plateaued at so one could compare to their pre-limitless experience.

It seems to me LimitlessQ + a skill is the least subjective testing experience we could have.


@SaintSovereign any ETA on Q?

I think it may be wise for future testers to take a week off or so from whatever sub we’re using, so that we start the Q testing fully refreshed and on a new page.


Me: “Hello, my name is DarkPhilosopher and I’m a subliminal user. It’s been 5 days since my last subliminal.”
Group: “Hello, DarkPhilosopher.”


Can you please add a Sex Mastery v3 module to Q, maybe with included bonus of becoming multi orgasmic


Yes, that would be amazing! With non-ejaculatory orgasms and everything else


has anyone been able to achieve that with SM?
nonejeculatory orgasms that is,
or for that matter has anyone successfully done sexual transmutation, with the energy cultivation subs maybe?


This is what I wanted to experiment with.

Is just haven’t yet found a sexual partner that is open enough to try it with. I know how it works though, ancient Egyptians used to do it. They return the sexual energy into the spinal column to activate, open and energize the chakra meridians throughout the whole body. The Ankh is a common used tool for this.

Maybe once I start traveling the world I may be able to find an open-minded partner.


We will be releasing an experimental version of emperorQ for public testing either later tonight or tomorrow. The test is open to anyone who has purchased any title from us. For this test, the title will NOT be name embedded, but if we get useful feedback, we will consider creating name embedded versions for testers that provide good information.

We’d prefer for testers to ONLY run emperorQ, but if you do run it in a stack, please devote at least 4 loops to emperorQ. When posting journals, please let us know in the title if you’re running it solo or in a stack by tagging it with [SOLO] or [STACKED], respectively. Also, keep in mind that this version of emperorQ is very much experimental – we really pushed the boundaries of the script with this one – you may receive extraordinary results or none at all.

Stay tuned!


My mind is ready…


Oh boy!! I’m ready


Can’t wait!


Guys, prepare your journals :joy:


Can you tell us a bit more about what you mean with this?

And is the content of the script what is pushed, or the tech, or what would we expect that doesn’t exist in EV4?


That makes the two of us!