Main Discussion Thread - Q


This is thanks to me running Mind’s Eye at Terminus :wink:


I have not decided on anything related to my Custom, only contemplating what could be and what might be. As for Quantum Limitless, no it definitely won’t be in the same Custom.

Going to have Stage 1 & 2 in one Custom with all of the brain enhancement modules, making 11 in total in Terminus strength.



The above image is a depiction of new SubClub users as found in the Museum of Famous Last Words. :wink:


I’ve been running Q since a while and am now only trying terminus hahaha, I’m scared.


When you’re adequately prepared, Terminus will be like the sweet spot, just enough and not too much.


I’m just here for the cat memes


Turns out T2 was a good call.


Do you mean you keep thinking about how you can contribute to the world and in a much more vivid way?


@WhiteTiger dont be scared just be prepared !!


I am!


sorry @mincccyy147. Not sure why, but I overlooked this or forgot to respond.

I meant that Mind’s Eye Terminus2 seemed to be stimulating and affecting more of my mind and my experience. It seemed to be deeper and more inclusive, hence ‘global’. It felt like it was having a more global impact on my consciousness.


@SaintSovereign if I ran my heavy custom at Terminus level with Khan Q ST1, would Khan Q ST1 be completely drowned out by the scripting of the custom?


@SaintSovereign, will the current Q order will
be delayed with the installement of the new Q plateform :open_mouth:


I’m not sure what the Q update will entail. Are the name embedded regular store subliminals going to be a thing once it is all finished? Or is this update an update for only the Q store?

Pls respond.


No, the backend is running as normal.


We’re moving toward that. We had to update the store in order to add the functionality that will connect the Q store to the Q software and allow for full automation (right now, there’s a human element in the creation of Q customs).


Ahh, I see! Streamlining it for everyone involved, then. I haven’t ordered a custom as of yet so I don’t know anything about the wait times, but I’m sure this will have customs going out quicker. Good stuff. You guys seem to always be working on something in the background.


Yep, that’s the end goal. We’re about to start scaling rapidly and with the increased number of sales that we’re already experiencing, we needed to do something or we’d end up creating a bottleneck. Plus, we’ve always wanted to offer name embedded subliminals on the fly.


Are downloads for customs going to be available in the “Downloads” section anytime soon? Curious that the store was just redesigned with this section yet it still isn’t used.


Unfortunately, no. It’s the responsibility of the customer to download and store their customs in a safe place. We recommend Google Drive.