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It was at 1993 when I first posted, the year I was born. I see 1993 as well as my day and month of birth together often. What does this mean??

-“He’s a god, now”-


Curiosity is getting to me regarding the efficacy of this. Let’s see what happens with some Khan Q ST1 loops.


You had me at this, good for you guys. Your products speak for themselves! I’m only a bit over a month with my Emperor use and I’m realizing at random moments of the day little inner changes and thinking pattern changes that have occurred.


Perhaps you’ll become a step closer to…

A Man For Himself


Glad you’re getting results. Be sure to TAKE ACTION toward your goals and keep some kind of journal or diary (even if it’s one or two sentence entries) so you can chart your progress.


Funnily, I was going to start a thread in Questions about what kind of actions I can take to maximize results until I realized that the answer is all of the things I’ve considered doing but put off, lol.

Will do. My journal has been less consistent than my actual usage of the sub, but I’m getting there.


The ‘Load More’ feature at the bottom of the modules display page is a good touch, I think. I remember one or more people asking to be able to see all of the modules at the same time. Now, if they’re patient enough to load everything, they can do that.


I should say if we’re patient enough because I just did it.

Seeing all of these modules together…


It hits differently.

So many flavors and possibilities of change.

Thank Saint and Fire all over again.


Not only the “Load More”, but the “Show More” option as well! I haven’t seen the site on anything besides my phone, but it makes navigating the site way easier now :+1:t3: x2 on the thanks, Saint and Fire.


I thought Khan ST1 is supposed to breakdown your identity.

But if your name is repeated in a name-embedded subliminal like Khan ST1, wouldn’t your existing identity be preserved?


I mean… Are you saying that Khan ST1 is supposed to strip you of all sense of identity, including your name?

I think the idea of having it name embedded is to personalize the experience more than having the “I am” or “You are”, or however SC subs are structured.

Perhaps having it name embedded would actually help it to break down limiting ideas surrounding your self imposed identity, freeing you from limiting concepts you have about yourself in a deeper, more personal way? No idea, I haven’t used any stage of Khan, yet.


Khan ST1 is supposed to tear down the dilapidated hut on a piece of land and build a skyscraper over it.

I am not sure if the new skyscraper is supposed to be managed by the same person who managed the hut.

If the same person who badly managed the hut continues to manage the skyscraper with his style of doing things, you can’t expect a well-managed skyscraper.

You would need a new manager also with a different identity and different style of doing things in order for the new skyscraper to be managed-well.

Just my thoughts.


Ah. My thoughts were that ST1 of Khan was actually destroying the identity of the man that built the hut, who then upon seeing the poor excuse of architecture that he wrought, tears it down and builds the skycraper through blood, sweat and tears (maybe the tears are happy tears).

But then again, I have no experience with Khan, and beyond drooling over the sales page twice, I know next to nothing about it beyond the surface level of TB.

I hope someone a bit more informed will come along and theorize with ya :wink:


Is it true that Terminus build method will be more profound / faster in manifesting physical development over Q?

So if you have no reconciliation on Q, would it be smarter to listen to 1-2 loops of Terminus over 4-6 loops of Q?


the breakdown is not that extreme

we’re talking about a learning and personal development process here. not cult-like brainwashing.

when you were 5 years old, you responded to your name. Since that time, you’ve grown a hell of a lot, made a ton of mistakes, learned from some of them, and in general moved through an impressive number of stages of human development.

and yet you still respond to the same name.

So, in closing, the miracle of your name is somewhat like the miracle of Bruce Banner’s pants. It is (mostly) flexible enough to grow with you.

(now if he could just work out something with the shirt.)


@SaintSovereign would you be so kind and give me an answer? I would really appreciate it.


I find this funnier than expected…the idea of a breakdown so intense that you end up no longer identifying with your name? It isn’t called Total Psychotic Breakdown :joy:


The answer is yes, it will be more profound/faster but you need to ensure that you listen to it properly and that your mind is ready.


I think in responding to King’s post, I exaggerated and overly simplified his original statement as part of making my point.

It’s true that some people do choose to change their names in this life. It’s a very personal matter.

There’s a lot of power in your earliest given name, because the birth of your conscious identity and earliest self were associated with that name. The roots of that name, therefore, stretch below your conscious mind and down into the deeper parts of you. Choosing to reject that name and create a new one is like choosing to seal and close a bank account that still has a few million dollars in it. If that money seems tainted and spoiled to you and you have determined to never touch it, then you might still make that choice. And no one could blame you.

For the majority of people however it will probably be advisable to hold onto the name and allow it to evolve with you, even as you purify and transform whatever limits, dysfunctions, or negative associations it might have picked up along the way.