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What is most optimum break hours between listening?

  • 1 hour break after every loop
  • 1 hour break after X number of loops
  • X hours of break after every y number of loops?



I think that similarly to rest times between sets in the gym and rest times between workout days, the answer is going to vary from individual to individual. And will also change for the same individual as she adapts to a given workout or exercise.

You can give a generic answer that will work ‘okay’ for 85 out of 100 people. But the best way is to identify some useful metrics and then just track them by yourself.

For physical workouts, those would be metrics like lactic acid build-up and V02 max. Once you’ve got a couple of good metrics, you can choose your own ideal rest-time and adjust it over time.

So, to me the question is: what are the most useful metrics for establishing ideal rest-times between loops and between subliminal use days?

Most of the time, I think we either just wing it or we read some generic advice from someone else’s experience and hold onto it like a protective magic wand.

I’d say we have two primary metrics: Intensity of Reconciliation (i.e. Difficulty) and Quality of Action (i.e., Results).

Generally, we want the maximum Results with the minimum Difficulty. But of course it’s going to be a trade-off, the deeper we get into the process. So, at that point, we’ll usually choose to take on a bit more difficulty in exchange to get higher quality or faster results.

So there are some things you need to check and track:

  1. your own mental, emotional, and physical signs of reconciliation
  2. your effectiveness of taking action

Get familiar with those and then you’ll know that if 1 gets too high, you need more rest and if 2 gets too low, you need more activity.

At the same time, even if you don’t painstakingly measure all of this, intuition is going to do a pretty good job of helping you with it. Some people are going to find the optimal balance through intuition alone.

And don’t forget about Informaticon:

Informaticon contains a very needed part that guides you to the exact amount of repetitions you need for the current subliminal.

something tells me that would also inform intuition and insights about rest intervals and frequency.


Im wondering how merger of worlds would do. to me the subconscious is like that sort of instantaneously fast yet faint info in the back of my mind, and the consious is the slow methodical and analytical voice that is most immediate and doesent always trust the subconscious.
does this module sort of combine them more, or make the subconscious more upfront? what have you seen?
also how do I know if im building a q sub with too many modules? I currently have 19 selected. I stopped running q subs since I want to run multiple like AM, DD, rebirth and sanguine. so i just run the standards.
Thanks in advance, its super interesting to see subclub evolve with such a advance cutting edge subject.


Grr…it’s annoying how my glasses fog up so easily in the cold and with my face mask on. I want to get contacts next year.

A mutual friend is getting LASIK soon and I’m curious to hear how that goes. I’ve thought about getting LASIK for some time, but I don’t like the error rates and the horror stories I’ve heard. I thought it would be better than that by now.

So that brings me to project Hero in the works. If that yields something that can legitimately give me 20/20 vision and not need glasses again…sign me the hell up!


Would you recommend that one does a sub washout before starting listening to his custom subliminal?

If yes, for how long?

I’m currently on 4 loops of RegQ and 2 loops of Elixir --> 5 days on, 2 days off.

I was thinking of starting my custom sub after the 2 days off… or would I need a longer washout?

For context: my sub is focused on healing the masculine, contains Regeneration and I will pair it with Elixir Ultima in the first month or two of listening.


No need bro @renet1


Thank you!


Welcome. Enjoy! =)

I think it’ll be great!


@SaintSovereign when are you going to release the „running multiple subs/customs“ guidelines?