Main Discussion Thread - Q


I am really down to get on the test team! I have only been running Emperor the last 20 days and want to only focus on that sub!


Count me in aswell


I want in also pretty please, thx :slight_smile: Ev5 ftw


Aw, I was really looking forward to the LimitlessQ with associated learning task. It would have worked on so many levels. And after the test, everybody would have associated finally having learned that something to SubClub.

I was gonna make a poll to have you guys choose if I should learn drawing, piano or Python or something else. Then telling myself to have to post a project afterwards. Was already dreading having to do a piano recital for you guys. :slight_smile:


Guess who does not want to jump to EV5 :sunglasses:

That’s right :sunglasses:


The day is still young. :wink:


The content and the tech – possibly TOO far. The purpose of this test is to determine what the limitations are for a single file. Q uses both AI and cloud computing to create titles, which means we could fit more into a title than we have in the past. We’re not even sure if the subconscious will comprehend the amount of data we’re trying to fit into a singular file – and it’s A LOT. If successful, this means we can make extremely powerful titles very quickly. If it’s not successful, we’ll just cut back on the amount of data put into one file until we start seeing success.

So, let’s temper our expectations a bit. We deliberately went beyond what we thought would “work” just to push the boundaries a bit. Of course, there’s sufficient protections within the script itself in regards to data processing.

Also, we may be able to create our first “hybrid” file. Note, this step will be done by hand. Q isn’t yet equipped to create hybrids.


I don’t know what this means, but I hope it doesn’t mean Ultrasonic will be gone.

They are the foundation upon which SC started :slight_smile:

I look forward to EmperorQ, with everything maxed out!

Any new ideas @Fire got and added to EmperorQ? Like he did with Primal, putting in the Ergo Sum scripting?


Alrighty I’m ready. Shoot the download or set up link and let’s do this!


So if we read about a new epidemic of people whose heads are spontaneously exploding, 5G is not to blame for a change? :slight_smile:

How will you make it available? In people’s downloads? Everybody receives a custom order complete message?


And how do we register for it? I’m guessing saying “Me! Me!” on a 200+ post thread isn’t it.

Ev4 is great, EvQ should be a blast.


From this post, I understood that everyone who has bought from them will get EmperorQ in their account. Then some people will choose to run it and test it, and make journals for it.

I remember the experimental of Ascension ND was done in a similar way, where everyone who has bought ascension automatically got it.

So, @SaintSovereign, did I understand correctly? Will all SC customers get EmperorQ to test and report, since it’s not name embedded? Or is that too ambitious of an understanding? :slight_smile:


How long will the testing run?


Yes, everyone gets to test, but you’ll have to message me to get access, however. Adding it to everyone’s account manually would be a nightmare, haha.


There’s no telling. There will also be multiple tests. More information in a bit. Q is currently doing it’s thing. Once it’s done, I’ll post all the details.


Will there still be a PrimalSQ or LimitlessQ test?


I’d be down to try super-strong experimental subliminal! :sunglasses:


Moved emperorQ journals to SubliminalClub LABS forum. Makes things easier for @Fire and myself to see.


Details on how to get in the test here: PLEASE READ: emperorQ Testing Thread


Good luck to all the EmperorQ pioneers :muscle: