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Great question


Still waiting for @SaintSovereign to approve me to be a part of testing EmperorQ


give him a few days
they might be writing a new emp script or another new sub script to use it on Q to test it out.


Or he might have received 500 PM’s and if he had to read them all in one sitting he’d jump out of the ground floor window. :wink:


Will there be any physical change modules (straight hair, angled jawline, perfect skin)? :stuck_out_tongue:


Eventually. We need to test this first.


Q ends up being exactly how I envisioned it.

A software to generate a subliminal script where the person can exactly chose the character he’d like to be in the world while working with it’s own subconscious beliefs. No fixed variables, just fixed scripts with a mutable outcome depending on your own subconscious viewpoint of reality.

Using your subconscious (higher self) for the input needed to fill in the variables. This is legit some sleek work done by Fire & SaintSovereign. Most subliminal companies target your brain a certain strict way, not necessarily being the optimal path chosen by your subconscious or higher self. Much like having a kid interact with something of a disinterest, for example having a kid learning tennis while he is born with a talent and love for football.

Can you see how this is much more counterproductive. Learning something which isn’t in alignment with your own personal interests, values and emotions basically leaks attention, focus and drive which are the main components for quick learning and optimal action.


You’re testing the name-embedded version?


Got the approval to test. Started a journal. I will update later today or tomorrow


I’m testing Emperor Q but not the embedded version, none is.


An idea that popped up in my mind.

I read somewhere that using shumann frequency or binaurals or both can put a person into a more suggestible state.

I think it could work well with the subs here if the masking tracks are made using those 2.


The problem I think with that is that the user would then be suggestible from outside influence too.


That’s absolutely true.

But it would be great while sleeping/reading when nobody is around/ or other activities without side-effects
And I think as an additional option it would be great, but ofcourse that doesn’t mean the current masking isn’t good I am just curious to see how more potent could the subs become using those 2 things mentioned above.

But it’s up to Fire & Saint to decide if they want to put energy into this.


How is building Q going?
Will you be testing any other subliminals besides EmpQ like ascension or sex mastery or primal seduction?

Also is Mind’s eye still being developed? Are there any subs coming out in the next few months or is it all pushed back till Q arrives?

@SaintSovereign @Fire
If you don’t mind me asking


Mind’s Eye is still being developed. Q is just taking a lot of time. Requires a lot of moving parts.


Can’t wait for all the exciting news and projects to be announced


And since every update you give triggers a bunch of unrelated requests, here are mine:


  1. A Wealth and Prosperity mindset supercharger (for Ecstasy of Gold) - this is the most important request.

  2. An Entrepreneur supercharger, not for leading others, but for having focused vision, enthusiasm, determination, and belief in oneself; for building one’s own kingdom (for Emperor)

3) A Physical and Psychological Health and Wellbeing supercharger (ALREADY EXISTS - ELIXIR SUPERCHARGER)


Hope we men can have the male equivalent of The Seductress. Could call it The Casanova.


You mean Elixir.

That’ll be Khan v2 or Primal Seduction v2.


oops. I want to delete that from the original post.