Main Discussion Thread - Q


Looking forward to Khan v2 and updating my listening plan potentially midway through Khan!


Maybe we can ask for Q’s Eye, it’ll get there faster… :wink:


I find that I never read journals or try to understand more than fundamental themes so my observations of my experiences are filtered through what “everyone” notices or what I am “supposed” to experience.


How would you see that being fundamentally different than, say, Primal Seduction?


@dorfmeister - oh it’s different especially since The Seductress helps bring interesting physical changes.


Ok, I’ll need to look more closely at what Seductress actually focuses upon.


Will the superchargers also get name-embedding in future?


probably not since they do superchargers by hand


What he said.


Technically, the ultrasonic backing track doesn’t have to be generated by hand. You can take the script, put it in Q’s inbox with a few variables, and it spits out an ultrasonic.

But the merging with the music and vocal does need to be done by hand. So it would depend on how flexible Q is and if the script itself actually lends itself for the process. If the script isn’t something Q can work with…

Either way, it would have to be a custom order, since there is still manual work involved. That would make a supercharger a lot more expensive.


When you update existing titles such as mogul and ascension, are you going to update the script to and add more “modules” to them? Like you do with Emp or will it just be updated to new tech?


New modules and new tech. :wink:


Sweet!!! I love EmpQ but i think i need a fresh start with Ascension or AM once they are updated


Pulling an all-nighter working on Q, specifically, loading the modules into the new store / backend. Currently finished 60 modules and I’m only halfway through the list.


Wow! Speaking of technical solutions, have you considered utilizing cloud compute platforms or distributed computing?


@SaintSovereign - just out of a geeky curiosity, which Linux Distribution do you guys use?


He started out on a cloud. Didn’t do what he wanted, so he went back to local.

Personally, I think like most human males he just loves the feeling of unpacking and assembling powerful new hardware. Especially when the company paid for it. :slight_smile:


Will name-embedded Subliminals not work for people who I am not sharing the same name with meaning I can play it around others with less harm?


I was wondering this as well. In that case we can run male subliminal’s besides female friends and family while at the same time not exposing anyone to the script without their consent.


Very good question. My guess is you are correct. Name embedded subs work for the person whose name is embedded only. If they worked for everybody, Saint wouldn’t consider it a good anti-sharing measure.

So that would mean you can play it around other people and the worst case is they are bothered by the high pitched sound of the ultrasonics.

Now if you have two people whose names are phonetically identical, or near enough…