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What is blue skies?


It’s an experimental module that stimulates deep healing and processing/ release of fixations and issues. But it’s so powerful that it’s still in a testing and development phase right now.


What about a closed, invitation only test with a small, experienced group willing to sign a liability waiver in case of negative effects. :dizzy_face: :anguished: :cold_sweat: :fearful: :scream: :exploding_head: :skull: :zombie:

Even if I don’t get invited, the results would be really interesting.


POWER CAN CORRUPT, that’s all I am going to say here :wink:

Can you target specific modules with this power option, or would the whole subliminal in general get the power-up?


Whole subliminal would receive the increased power. Eventually, we may offer the ability to target specific modules, but that would require much more programming.


There will most likely be a “power test,” but it’ll probably be for StarkQ and reserved for a few people who are posting in their journals regularly – regardless of results. So, don’t lie about the results you’re getting from your current stack just to get accepted. We’re looking more for quality of posts rather than results.


I was going to post a big “Q” post after everything was updated, outlining the changes and some cool stuff we’ve done, but questions are being asked, so here’s some quick answers until then:

And again, what is Q:


Come own man!


Wow! 6times… this is crazeeey!!

I guess single stage subs all have this kind of effect (emperorQ, primalQ, etc.)

And for multistages… 3 times is still super powerful.

Since I am doing a smaller stack with more repetition I cannot wait to experience immense results.

Congrats to @Fire and you Saint!


Fire would have to confirm if its 3 times



One thing this suggests is that stacking strategies can change. It’s easier, timewise, to include a potent contribution of a given subliminal in your stack; because you don’t have to include a title as many times in order to create a strong effect.

On the caution side, bloating and overloading could be more of an issue if the listener does not put enough attention into how to strategically stack to achieve a given effect.

Also, one strength of this new increased potency of the programs is that ‘higher concentration’ may equal ‘quicker results’. BUT remember that if you diversify your stack/playlist too much, you may lose some of that benefit.

All of that depends on the strategy of your specific combination, I think. For example, I currently have a long-term playlist going which emphasizes Ecstasy of Gold and Emperor. For me, those two programs together contribute to a unified vision and set of goals. In other words, they combine synergistically. So that’s great. But, the practical truth is also that my vision happens to be a real stretch for me and requires me to make significant changes in my internal habits and my external conditions. Thus, I’ve accepted that I may need to play it for quite a long time as I learn how to make those changes.

Again, great. I’ve (mostly) accepted that such significant changes will need to take some time. But, I’ve also been thinking about including Ascended Mogul as a stacking element that might facilitate some short-term effects. In the past, I didn’t want to make room for Ascended Mogul. Especially since it’s already subsumed within Ecstasy of Gold and Emperor. But now with these ‘higher-concentration’ Q titles, I’m thinking that I could put a loop or two of Ascended Mogul into my EoG-Emperor stack. With this new Q build, even if I just include 1 or 2 loops that is already a significant contribution.


Here’s my logic, please tell me if I’m mistaken…

If Q-powered single stage subliminals have the 6X effect and Emperor already contains both Ascension and Mogul complete scripts… aren’t you getting the 6X effect of ascension and mogul each time you listen to EmperorQ?

Therefore you get as much of Ascension & Mogul if listening to Emperor, while at the same time getting more of the goodies included in EQ.

Or am I somehow missing something?


My take:

In terms of math concepts, you’re right. But there’s more to it than just ratios. There’s also the configuration and the delivery system. Those influence how you integrate the material. That’s what the creators are always working to refine, improve, and innovate. The way things are combined and configured makes a big difference.

Ascension and Mogul are in Emperor. But they are not all that is in Emperor.

I think a good metaphor for thinking of it is nutrient content in different foods.

Take Vitamin C.

you can have a piece of carrot cake, an orange, and a vitamin C tablet.

All three of those have vitamin C.

a slice of carrot cake has 3 % RDA vitamin C.
an orange has 138% RDA vitamin C
a 1000 mg vitamin C tablet has about 1250% RDA vitamin C
And then we can add to that a multivitamin
Let’s say you take a Super Nutrition Perfect Family multivitamin. One serving size has about 1666% of vitamin C…but it also has about 45 other nutrients as well.

So, in that metaphor, I’d look at Emperor as the multivitamin. And I’d look at Ascended Mogul as the vitamin C tablet or the orange.

My current program is the multi-vitamin. It is content-dense and nutrient-rich. I’m getting all of the nutrients that are in Ascended Mogul (the same amount of vitamin C), but my mind digests them as part of a much larger whole. Because those Ascended Mogul nutrients are embedded within so many other nutrients it can take longer to integrate them all and to see the effect.

I think that compared to Emperor, Ascended Mogul gives a simpler, pinpointed, less complicated set of messages. This is the more similar to the vitamin C tablet (or the orange). (Not exactly of course. Even Ascended Mogul is a blend of two separate programs. If I just used Mogul alone, I might see even faster effects) My mind does not have to try to integrate it with many other messages. So it can be internalized relatively faster and more easily.


Nerd mode :nerd_face:
If a single stage Q is 6x the potency of that same regular single stage and multistage Q are 3x the potency of regular multistage, then we can calculate how to rebalance our stacks this way.

Lets take this stack as an example:

Khan st4 x4
Primal Seduction x2
Sex mastery x2

Thats a 4:2:2 ratio or basically a 2:1:1 ratio and its 4:30 hours long.

To calculate a stack with the same ratio in Q lets start with the single stages.
Both SMQ and PSQ are 6x potency so in order to keep the ratio we should have a 12x potency for KhanQ, multistages are 3x, also all Q titles are 1 hour long for what Ive read.
So that gives us this:

Khan Q st4 x4 (4times x 3potency = 12)
PSQ x1 (1 time x 6 p = 6)
SMQ x1 (1 time x 6 p = 6)

Thats a 12:6:6 ratio wich is the same as a 2:1:1 ratio and 6 hours long, thats 25% longer than the previous stack.
BUT!!! In those 6 hours you get a potency of exposure thats equal to 3 times your previous stack!!!
3 times your previous stack was 13:30 hours long!! And now you get it in just 6, thats close to a 55% saving in time.

If my math is correct, this is not meant to be taken as a rule, things may be different for each sub and each person. Take it as my own mental masturbation.:rofl::rofl:

Disclaimer (read really quickly like in those drugs advertisements when they talk about the side effects):
*this does not represent my actual strategy for stacking nor is meant to be taken as an accurate way to do so.


Mic drop.

I just got schooled.

Damn Malkuth - thank you for explanation.

Makes a lot of sense : )


Auu that’s awesome remind as to calculate it scientifically.

As weird as it sounds, I find your mental masturbation helpful : )



To some extent, we can quantify the stimulus–the subliminal program, as you’ve shown in an interesting way. But even after all of that we still can’t easily quantify how our subconscious mind will integrate that stimulus.

There are a lot of factors to take into account. Not all of them are so purely numerical or easily quantifiable.

For example:

  1. how much progress have you already made in the life domain/goal targeted by the subliminal?
  2. how does your mind process subliminals in general (what are your thresholds and preferences)?
  3. what is your personal goal or benchmark as far as feeling like the subliminal has ‘done it’s job’?
  4. what other factors in your life are making the subliminal’s job easier or more difficult?

and so on.

I was thinking about how funny it is that these ratios (of 3:1 and 6:1 or whatever) will only be practically meaningful to those of us who started using the subliminals before April 2020. We have that original pre-Q baseline for comparison. But for people who start any time after now, the Q subliminals ARE the baseline. For everyone going forward Q is the new ‘regular’ or ‘normal’.

It reminds me of how my dad always compares current computers to those mainframes that used to fill up an entire room or an entire level of a building when he was young. Those pre-microchip computers were physically much larger, but had only a fraction of the computing power. But people of my generation hear that and just think, ‘uh…okay. That’s nice. Did you also enjoy discovering fire and inventing the wheel?’ Interesting but does not feel very immediately relevant.

At the end of the day, what will always be relevant to any user is how to get the effects in your life that you want. I see that as the fundamental metric of evaluation. So here’s hoping that this enhanced power gets us to meet our goals much, much faster!


Thanks, @renet1!

I’m still deciding whether I’ll add in a bit of MogulQ or not. This is all just theory. I’m not sure what the practical effect would be.


Well of course you are right, there are a lot of factors, I dont take my math adventure too seriously. It was fun to do in my mind and decided to share it.
I always choose my subs taking in to consideration mainly 3 things: Goals, Results and Intuition.

Its funny I guess that makes us the old folks here in the forums!!
We could rant about how the old subs worked and how different the old days were. You know son back then we had to make our own subliminals by hand, with a pen and paper and then read them to ourselves very quietly in order to only hear them unconsciously :rofl::rofl:

Well thats enough ranting off topic from me.