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Give me that Q!


What titles have been updated so far?


Every single subliminal title except Emperor Fitness, which I’m working on now.


I think I can speak for most of us here when I say we appreciate your round the clock dedication to these awesome programs!


@SaintSovereign @Fire You two have my eternal gratitude for all you have done. Thank you so much



My idea may have just been ‘bro science’. The practical reality may be closer to your original idea. I was just thinking of a possibility.

Seems that the answer is this: If already running EoG, no need to stack Mogul. If not yet running EoG, starting from Mogul may give you a much more focused beginning.


So if we were to stack Khan and Emperor
2:1 ratio would be the optimal?


Seems to depend on your goals.

Why do you want to use both?

Or, to put the question more specifically,

How do you hope to use each of them?

What are you wanting to get from each of them?


Oh no I was only asking about if because of the script density. For one of the subs to not overpower the other.


The ratio you use would be based on how much you want each subliminal to contribute to your change process. Each is going to contribute different elements.

That’s my understanding. So, the answer to how to stack and what ratio to use would be dependent on your specific goal or focus.

It seems to be kind of like mixing paints. The ratio of, for example, blue paint to red paint that you use, will depend on the exact shade of purple/violet that you want. And then depending on that desired shade, you may also choose to add different colors as well.

So you kind of need to understand what kinds of messages and influences each program contributes to the subconscious and to then choose how much of each one you desire for your personal goals.

The Emperor + Khan mix seems to be somewhat less common. So, I was curious about what goals that combination would support. Personally, I think that if a person was thinking of combining Emperor with Khan, they might be better off just running Stark Q.


I believe tomorrow will bring more news about Q. One step closer to getting my name embed.


How many subliminals will Q be able to produce simultaneously? As this will affect the waiting time for one subliminal if there multiple orders at once (like at launch).




One. There may be two machines, however. Depends on demand. That being said, we’re aiming to complete orders within 1-3 days.


Having you considered leveraging distributed computing or cloud computing for Q? And investigating whether or not any of the algorithms involved are parallelizable?


So are the sales pages the next thing to be updated with new descriptions or an updated description of what was added with the Q versions?


It’s late and I’m exhausted, so here’s to hoping that the following actually makes sense…

They’re coming, but there’s less to write down than you think – and the thing is, that doesn’t matter. Let’s talk a bit more about what Q is, how it works and what it does.

Generally speaking, there’s two ways to improve a subliminal’s potency – the scripting and the build method. The catalog upgrade we just completed focused more on the latter. The amount of information in your standard Q-powered subliminal is ASTOUNDING, almost to the point that I’m amazed that the subconscious can even comprehend and make sense of it all, and that’s with Q being set to the “medium” power level. Right now, one loop of Emperor Q equates to roughly six loops of Emperor v4. The newer subs have a different ratio. One loop of Khan Q equates to roughly three loops of Khan. So, while there’s less changes to the scripting with this upgrade method, the new build format alone will take your subliminal experience to levels you’ve never felt before. In many of our tests, we’ve observed people getting deep, profound results in a single day. Also, we’re going to start phasing out and removing many of the old versions of our titles and we didn’t want to change the scripts up TOO much too soon. There ARE scripting upgrades and changes though, based on customer feedback. We’ll be updating the sales pages shortly with those modifications.

That being said…

The standard script in Q-powered subs focuses on strengthening the connection between the subconscious and conscious minds. We’re confident that we’ve been successful in achieving that goal. In the Emperor Q test, there were instances where users were closely paraphrasing – and in one instance, quoting – the script itself, showing that unity between the conscious and subconscious is possible. All of our titles now contain this feature. What this means is that results will manifest much quicker, since your subconscious goals and conscious goals become aligned much faster.

We’ve received a number of questions about Q’s machine learning and A.I. functionality. It’s not quite finished, but the basic premise works like this: on the Q store, each module is given an element tag. When you create a journal, the first post will be reserved for the element tags of your custom title, as well as other tags that indicates your happiness with your results. For example: if you’re running a bare bones title with Emperor Q core (EmpQ), Inner Circle (CircQ), Dominion (DomQ) and Godlike Masculinity (MascQ), you’d start your journal with the following: EmpQ + CircQ + DomQ + MascQ.

Q is able to scan the forum and analyze those special posts to eventually create a number of predictive models based upon the real results of our users. This will give us an incredible amount of information to create better titles and modules in a short amount of time.

Hopefully, we’ll be launching the Q shop by the end of May. First, I want to finish Mind’s Eye and then conduct the “power” toggle test. For those who missed the discussion, we’re able to change Q’s build method on the fly. Right now, we have Q set to “medium” power, but we want to test the “high” setting to see if the subconscious will respond to that amount of power. Blue Skies will NOT be used for that test. It’s too unstable and possibly even downright dangerous. When applications open – and we’re only accepting five or six people – it’ll most likely be an experimental single stage title. For the purposes of the test, you will have to run that title ONLY, no stacking and you’ll have to journal regularly. If you’re not capable of doing that, please don’t apply. If the test goes well, we’ll add power level as an option in the Q store, but keep in mind that the “high” setting requires much more computational power, so it’ll be an upsell.

This is going to be a pivotal year for not only SubClub, but subliminal use in general. Stay tuned for more information. There’s still Qx

Ecstasy of Gold Journal: Kether to Malkuth

Hi @SaintSovereign ,
I mentioned you in my latest journal entry, so I’m just quoting it here in case you didn’t see it:

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