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Any hints on what the price points will be for custom subs generated by the Q platform?


Pricing model is still under discussion, but keep in mind that Q-generated subs are considered a premium product. It’s not meant for people to make a billion different tracks, or trying to shove every module into one title. We built it so you could create your perfect subliminal for long-term use.

We’re also looking into expanding our consumer financing, so if you wanted to create a pricey set of titles (keep in mind, you’ll be able to design your own four stager), it’ll be affordable.


Would it be beneficial to run breakdown and regeneration? or would they conflict and negate each other?


What I’d like to know is that Q is also going to be integrated into and make custom sub creation faster yes? Also how big of a gap is high settings and medium settings for Q? I am interested in having a custom sub made eventually


We don’t know, hence the test that I just posted about.


I’ve read how you need about 350 hours of khan or emperor to start seeing results but with Q now having more loops of the scripts per session, this should cut those hours down significantly to start seeing results. Same with mogul and ascension, godlike masculinity these scripts are smaller so I can’t imagine how faster these subs will be now under Q


Well shit I’m interested. What’s the area the high setting Q gonna cover?


Will the custom made Q subliminals get updates with the development of newer scripting and build methods?


Every custom subliminal will be kept on file, but upgrades will not be free. Upgrades may be low cost as long as you’re not adding anything to the script. Major titles will always have free upgrades.


Are you planning on releasing the list of modules/descriptions before going live? I’m very interested in a custom, but it would be nice to plan ahead.


@SaintSovereign does all of this mean, that after all of this, you guys will producing much more new subliminals?
If yes what goals are you thinking of tackling at first? can we expect direct physical changes products?


@SaintSovereign Hey Saint, did you see my question?

Since I started Limit Destroyer Q I noticed something very… intriguing. On two occasions I halluzinated hearing things that weren’t there. The first time I thought I heard the rining of my phone but then I realized I’d hear the voice mail after I failed to answer the call, but I didn’t which means that I just heard it “in my mind”.
The other time was this morning when I halluzinated hearing music after stopping it on my phone.
First I thought “Well, it’s official now, you’ve gone nuts.”, not being really concerned about it.

But then I remembered the time when I halluzinated seeing words and sentences from my book with closed eyes after listening to EV4, which I called “mind-cinema”. This lasted for 3 days and then stopped.
Do you have an idea what is happening here @SaintSovereign @Fire ?
I find this to be highly interesting.


You high son :joy::joy:


Probably not. The Q Store functions very similarly to the current one — you’ll be able to browse and plan using the wishlist / planner functionality.


Could you please explain more what you mean with this?

Does it mean that some major programs will get discontinued in favor of newer ones? Or simply that older versions of the same titles will be removed?


The latter.


Please! Give us some time to make our backups. Thanks.


They won’t be removed without us giving prior notice.


@SaintSovereign Can a Q title be formatted or scripted to achieve a certain goal as opposed to something more broad?


It’s because of this use case that there will continue to be new subliminals as opposed to just new modules.