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Will like a little gearing up of the new starKQ…:slight_smile:


So I jumped to Khan ST4 from ST1 couple weeks ago partly because of the corona situation, me talking to potential clients and being somewhat evaluated on performance, and having to study for a really big exam for my job. It was fine for a few days but I was noticing a crazy libido and just sheer frustration because I wasn’t out meeting girls and I felt like my social skills were deteriorating because of the lockdown. Maybe deteriorating isn’t the right word because I know these subs are programming me and helping me still subconsciously.

Anyways, in ST3 (and therefore ST4) the sales page says that if we don’t take action with women we’ll be reminded relentlessly day in and day out. Well, I felt like this was fucking with me for the past week+ pretty bad so I just swapped ST4 for ST2 today. I know it’s reconciliation, but this decision is also based off the sales page description. Probably won’t run St3 or St4 until I’m able to freely meet people in society (lol) unless there’s some sort of workaround for that frustration.


Tried online dating? Could work wonders.


@i_am luckily I’m at a place where beautiful women are plenty, been on Khan ST4 (with something extra) and been getting the nervous/shy reactions. But coughing is another reaction I don’t understand. Anyone have a clue?

Swapping out/shiny toy syndrome is changing my stack daily. Reconciliation is a motherfucker.


People generally cough when they’re trying to cover up something internally. Also, they could be trying to get your attention.


I was using Tinder the past couple weeks but just got rid of it for a couple reasons. It makes it too easy for me to ‘abuse’ it for the dopamine rush (swiping all day to feel good about myself) which in turn makes me feel like I’m obsessing about girls and pedestalizing them. Which is ironic because I’m running a sub like Khan. But I don’t think Khan is about pedestalizing girls at all. Maybe I don’t like all my swiping because it reminds me of behavior in the past where I was a nice guy who’s sole mission was pussy which is absolutely lame. I’ve gone through this cycle of Tinder for the past like 4 years. The amount of time I spend on it doesn’t justify the results. Everytime I stop using it, my general baseline confidence improves a lot. This is just me though and definitely related to my upbringing. Maybe I needed a stronger foundation of TB or should’ve used Regeneration months ago.

That being said I did get some numbers of girls who were really interesting and we clicked, but none want to meet until things get back to normal. Which made me more frustrated lol


I thought reconciliation isn’t suppose to happen with these subs, or at least it’ll happen to a very small degree? (not to the point where it’ll get us to stop running a sub)


Agreed, man I’ve been tweaking my stack more than I’d like to admit. But my priorities have dramatically changed since corona. Like I had a full on existential crisis haha. Which is probably a good thing in the long run. Added Alchemist ST1 at night as I feel like I need that the most. Also PCC finally. I just don’t want to overkill my stack and make it inefficient.


We never said that. If anything, you’ll start feeling reconciliation on Q-powered subs sooner because the sub is that much more powerful. Reconciliation is a natural process – it even occurs from someone telling you to do something that you feel is immoral, or you just don’t want to do. You can’t avoid it. You can minimize it by taking action in line with what the sub is trying to do, hence why you’re seeing an influx of people switching. The hyper-powerful Q subs are urging you to go out and meet women and excel in your career / personal life, but right now, the world’s holding its breath until coronavirus is eliminated. This causes strong reconciliation.


Silly me was confusing reconciliation with resistance.

How would one tell which is which for someone that feels like not running their stack altogether?


Yeah absolutely agree with that. Like it was there before KhanQ but nothing too, too crazy (ran pre-Q Khan ST4 for about a week and half), but the reconciliation was only demoralizing after KhanQ. Very strong stuff. It works very fast. When I first put on KhanQ my conversations with potential clients took an instant shift. Instantly more flowy, seamless, easy, like it was crazy good. But then I get off work and I’m just super pissed off because I can’t meet people and talk to girls and feel like I’m socially regressing. The feeling of social regression, even before subs, has always bothered me to my core. Khan ST4 gonna be a beast once the world starts shifting and moving again.


Try using only 1 - 2 loops of KhanQ. We’re about to put out a new recommended listening pattern. I’ve noticed with Blue Skies that 1-2 loops/day for 3 days, then five days off seems to work exceptionally well. It seems that taking breaks is just as important as exposure when dealing with Q-powered subs.


Wow @SaintSovereignis answering all questions like computer , seems he is on some powerful sub . Ha ha .
Good to see such quick responses .


Interesting. I usually took it as being rude/dismissive, maybe it’s a different signal with women. Going to have to think on that…


Excited for the updated listening patterns for subs. Been wondering what would be best as I usually listen 24/7.


2 to 3 loops is my sweet spot with Q subs because of the decreased listening time i can stack other subs with it



Yeah, this became quickly apparent on the EmpQ test, it’s potent stuff.

I’m currently doing 3 loops per day for each sub on my stack (2 main + 1 stacker), 5 days a week (week days), then 2 days off (weekend). So far seems to be working well, but will switch to whatever the new recommended pattern is.


I’m currently playing a lot more than this.

Including overnight play, i’d say i’m getting about 7-10 hours of EoG and 4-7 hours of Emperor.

But what effect is it having on me? i’m not sure. i don’t really relate to the immediate reports people give. Tracking subliminal effects does not feel so clear and obvious to me.

What I can say is that last night I found myself semi-randomly on the website of a person in my same discipline who has entrepreneurially set up her own office, and I found myself thinking, ‘Why not just do it?’.

That led me to think that something was happening.

As far as ACTION is concerned, throughout my life, I have been at a very low level of development when it comes to the goals of Emperor and Ecstasy of Gold. I think there are a lot of changes to be made in order for me to be active in these areas. So, I’m trying to be patient, to maximize my listening, and to gear myself up for action-taking.

Not sure how I’ll respond to these listening guidelines.


Very relatable post Malkuth. I’ve been running Khan Q ST4 for 10 hours a day and my experience is similar in its subtleties. Almost as if my brain is still underutilized. Not sure how I’d respond to to such sparse listening patterns.


Yes, and when I say ‘I don’t know’, I mean that literally. My ultimate commitment is to do whatever works. But I’m definitely in the groove with my current listening pattern.