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This is why it’s prolly a good idea to run the beginner subs first like ascension and mogul or AM for a while so you can build a foundation and get the ball rolling before we start using the bigger subs like khan, emperor etc. The bigger subs can build off of the simpler subs. I remember saint and fire saying khan, emperor and ecstasy of gold are not easy to run, they weren’t lying


This is why I’m not releasing Blue Skies in its current incarnation. Honestly, this thing should probably be a four stager, considering the goals. The goals itself, however… are… questionable. It uses a form of healing that I don’t think anyone’s ever tried before, nor would they think is a form of “healing.”


Now Im intrigued! :thinking:


Care to elucidate?

Eh, whatever. I still want it.

I’ll try anything that’ll crack open my subconscious and give me a good look inside, no matter what horrors live there.


Not sure I get the logic here. If it’s extremely effective as is, why split it up into four stages? Conversely, doesn’t a lack of heavy reconciliation on the 4th stage indicate that things are going well enough?

On a tangential note, what would be the kind of reasoning that would stop someone from jumping straight to ST4 of a new subliminal that they bought, assuming that ST4 contains the previous stages and they aren’t met with heavy reconciliation?


You split a subliminal into four stages in order to start with “lesser” concepts that can easily be absorbed by the subconscious and progress to more advanced concepts. Your first day of a martial arts class you won’t be expected to spar the most advanced students and do well. As my boxing coach used to say, “slow is smooth and smooth is strong.” He used to make us throw combinations very very slow in order to learn the foundations. Then, after a few weeks, he’d up the pace, have us hitting the heavy bag. A few months in, we’d finally get to unleash, because we’d learned the basics and killed off bad habits.

And no, a lack of heavy reconciliation doesn’t necessarily mean things are going well – more resistant personalities will simply stonewall the subliminal. By that, I mean they’ll completely ignore it. It all depends on the person. We had an individual buy Khan as his first title. He wrote support asking what would happen if he started with stage 4. We advised him not to do so. He did it anyway, then asked for a refund, saying the nightmares and emotional turmoil he experienced scared him from subliminals forever.

On the flipside, I can run ST4 of Khan and EoG just fine with no issues. ST4 of Quantum Limitless? Hell no. Unbelievable anger and rage. Headaches. Just not good.

We all want faster and more profound results, but there’s a right way to do it. Don’t try to build a house without a foundation.

See above. We’ve started to add people to the blocklist for jumping ahead, having major issues and then demanding a refund. The subliminal wasn’t the issue, the user was.


I don’t understand the significance of that story, can some one help me out?


Slow and steady wins the race.

Build a foundation, then the skyscraper.

Learn to walk before you can run.

Is that any clearer?


How soon will we hear about the new recommended listening pattern? Might be worth trying out. And also, is it worth doing something like Khan ST4 on “on days” and ST1 on “off days”? (This of course assumes ST4 didn’t incorporate ST1 into it, which we haven’t heard anything about yet)


Clearly there is a lot of tumult on the forum right now - partly because a lot of users are experiencing powerful reconciliation due to all the new Q releases and partly because the communication is not clear on this forum. Questions and discussions are being held in users’ journals and subchannels. I have not been on the forum for 12 hours and I can hardly grasp what new discussions got held and what question got answered in that time. How should a new user manage to do this?

That’s why I am again pinging my idea to open a “Valueable posts” channel, where only SaintSovereign, Fire, and DarkPhilosopher can write. This will be the go-to thread for updates and also for answers on common questions. As an extra you guys can reshare the most liked and valuable posts from us the users. This will extremely cut back the likelihood of having to answer 4x the same question in two hours. Everyone knows this thread exists and can link new users to it.


People should be mindful, follow the instructions provided, and take responsibility for their actions. Be strong enough to trust the process and wise enough to wait patiently for your results.


You are referring to the earlier post about the listener having vivid, weirdly specific, premonitory dreams while running StarkQ?

The significance of that story is that of an ongoing report on how an experiment is unfolding. Something new, somewhat unexpected, and promising was observed that suggests very interesting potential in a recently-developed program. That’s the significance.

Stark is, as we all know, a newer program. Q is, also as we all know, a new build method. As such, we can expect new experiences and new possibilities to arise when using it. The story described some of those.

It was pretty interesting.

Oh, and maybe you mean your question more specifically. In that case, the story suggests some interesting possibilities from combining powerful learning subliminals with manifesting and creativity subliminals.

What else does it suggest? Well it’s an experiment, so it’s up to us to think about that.


So will more exposure time allow me to bypass a Stonewall? Or how do I get pass…I am running regeneration with ascension both Q…


Yea I’m a little confused…hopefully we get updated instructions on how to run Q subliminals soon. In any case I’m going to go on a short break in the near future.


Same with Khan, I seem to oscillate between extreme confidence and happiness and intense anxiety and trouble coping. Granted it’s strange times and you can’t put your feelings and mood 100% on the subliminals, their are some circumstances outside of our control, but running a social focused subliminal in a time where that’s limited can cause a lot of reconciliation


Glad to read that a lot of other people are having similar experiences, Q turned out to be a beast, but excited to see what it can do when the world is up and running again. Thinking aegis might actually be the best thing to run right now as it’s the closest thing tailored to how the world is right now.


I’ve been running Spartan Q and haven’t been feeling any reconciliation/resistance whatever. Everyone is different.


Guys, experimentation is the name of the game at SubClub. We built our company on the concepts of choice, self-exploration and experimentation. We’re not going to hold your hand and give blanket instructions on what to do simply because some people don’t want to use the search function, or are afraid to jump in and see what works for them.

There’s very few questions that haven’t been answered on the forum. Use the search function and you’ll get all the information you need on pretty much every topic. We could try fifty different strategies and still run into the same “problem” if people don’t use the search function. On the “Chorus is Rising” thread, I literally answered the same question about four times back to back. If those people simply scrolled up, they would’ve found their answer.

If you have a particular question, instead of putting it in a random thread, open a new thread under “Questions and Comments.” If you want comments and advice on your stack, open a thread under journals. The structure we have now is fine. People just aren’t utilizing it, so we’re going to have to get a bit strict on that.

Case in point. Read the first post in this thread and I describe exactly what Q is and how it works. Just a few days ago, I posted an update with even more details here: Main Discussion Thread - Q

You just have to read a bit.

As for the power of Q-powered subs, I was the one who said that, and I’m not quite sure what’s hard to understand about this. One loop of a Q-powered sub is equivalent to six loops of older subs and three loops of newer subs.

Now, take that information and build out your own plan. I can’t tell you exactly what to run and how to do it, given the fact that we’re all different. Use the included general instruction manual + the free “Subliminals That Work” eBook to get more information.

And again, if you have questions, simply make a post in the proper section and we’ll take care of it.

The Official Subliminal Memes Thread

Saint can u please answer my question about stonewalling…how do I get pass it?
Will more exposure time get me pass it?

MOD EDIT: See link below “Question: Overcoming stonewalling?” Please continue discussion there.

Question: Overcoming stonewalling?

Less is more with Q, he recommended 1-2 loops on for 3 days and than about 5 days off. Give this a shot for awhile and see how this works for you, also try and take action on your goals. I would recommend against trying to break through it with more listening time as a lot of people seem to be having reconciliation from over exposure. Hope that helps