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Interestingly enough, he recommended a different strategy—in the linked thread—which is also worth trying!


Since Q is working and old titles updated as the titles that was only released in ultrasonic like gaming mastery and muay thai been upgraded to Q Masked?


yes. im currently listening to the masked version of muay thai mastery Q


Ya’ll killing me. I announced this in this thread. Everything EXCEPT supercharger bonuses and embedded subs has been updated and everything is now in masked and ultrasonic.


Would be awesome one day for those bonuses to get some love lol. But if not im happy with what we got now. I am def excited for mind’s eye


Lmao. I’m sorry saint, I know how frustrating this is for you but all these questions seem like a bad rendition of who’s on first.



Thanks SaintSovereign for the confirmation. Your answer made yourself a sale.


Are the product copies going to get updated any time soon? @Fire, I am wondering what the script changes are (have Khan in mind :slight_smile: ) especially in light of the new kinds of patterns of reconciliation that I and some other users are facing.


Wait? Does that mean Iron Throne is now masked?

j/k ofc :yum:


More importantly, now that it’s masked, when will it get upgraded to Q?!


I’m kidding. I have a million questions too.

Though if we’re honest, 80% of them could probably be reduced down to ‘Are things going to get better please?’


There’s a meme (or more) to be made right here. Please post it in the official meme thread in the emperor’s lounge.


Guys, seriously, take it easy with Q. I think I pushed it a bit too much with EmpQ and GLM Q and now headaches won’t stop. :tired_face:


Want to take a few moments here to reflect on the practical significance of the increased ‘concentration’ (for lack of a better word) of these new Q-build subliminals.

The previous, tentative listening guidelines were…well, they were actually somewhat flexible. But at one point, the general recommendation was at least 6 hours a day, with some spontaneous or designated ‘subliminal-free’ time built in for processing, and possibly 1 or 2 days off per week.

More information can be found here :arrow_down: and in other places on the forum:

We also know that when it comes to Q titles the relative strength compared to earlier subliminal build versions is 6 to 1 for single-stage titles and 3 to 1 for the newer multi-stagers.

So, this could possibly mean that:

  • for single-stage subliminals, 1 rep/loop/play per day can be sufficient.
  • for multi-stage subliminals 2 reps per day could be enough.

One obvious undefined area is the ‘upper-limit question’.

We have no idea how much subliminal exposure may be too much or even how much may be optimal. It seems likely that individual differences and various factors could play a significant role here such that it would be difficult to give a blanket instruction for everyone. So our general approach seems to be to just ‘experiment with it and see what seems to work’. Take obvious and subtle signs of possible reconciliation as a type of feedback and adjust your listening accordingly.


With my friends, I’m using the Diet analogy.

  • PrimalTech = Eat as much as you like (Set and Forget)

  • New Dawn = Intermittent Fasting (6-9 hour eating window ± 1 day off every few days)

  • Q Tech = Warrior Diet (3-4 hour eating window)

  • Terminus = OMAD (One Meal a Day)



Very interesting food analogy, I was drawing analogies to exercise in my head. And this is from some who’s been doing OMAD for a few years :slight_smile:

Yea, this has been the problem for me. Figuring out the upper limit. There are two problems here, one of preventing overload and one of efficacy. For the former, I can’t say that I have been overloaded yet—even on days where I listened to Khan Q ST4 for 13+ hours. When mental reconciliation hit hard, 2 loops of SanguineQ were all that was needed to make me feel better.

Now, the question of efficacy…that’s an interesting one. I am not really sure if I would get better results listening just 4 hours a day (following the “Warrior Diet” idea) vs listening as much as I can during the day. And I have this fear that if I try it out for a week that I might be losing out on precious listening time.

What would be an interesting experiment for SubClub to run would be to recommend testers to run a sub a certain way for one week, then another way another week, and so on. This kind of “official” voice might make it a lot more palatable for those who have been used to the advice of “as much as you can” (which pretty much has been the de-facto rule for maximizing progress for subliminals not just within the SubClub community but the entire subliminal community as a whole). That said, it does seem that this kind of testing has already been done but wasn’t translated into an official recommendation.


I feel the same way.

I think it may have some Desperation Energy in it for me (don’t know about you). I want so much to maximize progress. I work very hard to keep my mind as balanced and equanimous as I can manage, but the fact is I desperately want change. So I’m a person who is outwardly pretty calm and light, but who internally is fiercely oriented to aspirations.

Anyway, I’m slowly coming around to the idea of lower reps.

Just saw this quoted on @d1gz journal:

I had just been thinking about the exact same point.

So for the past 2 nights, I haven’t listened at night. And I’m thinking that I may adjust my daily playlist. It’s currently about 15 hours and is based on 3 loops of the same basic core stack. I may change that to 1 or 2 loops of that stack.

It’s just a very major change.


Indeed. To be honest, it’s not the first time I’m working with the idea of a max upper-limit. Another creator whose audios I use (which are not subliminals!) has clearly-defined upper limits. It’s just that seeing the concept applied to subliminals whose roots come from the idea of constant repetition is a stark (:wink: ) departure.

Seeing that message from Saint gives some encouragement, though. It’s time to experiment. I’ve got all year.


Well stated @Simon :slight_smile:


im currently on the last day of a five day break and ive seen the most changes Ive ever had with subs, the fact that I have incredibly vivid dreams every night makes me think the subconscious is still working with the sub content on the break, give it a try I think it could only get better.