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So in other words how many loops u do a day then break?


I think it’s definitely an adjustment. I can relate to the desperation energy. But I learned pretty quickly non-stop loops wasn’t the way to go with Q early on. In hindsight it was pretty dumb that I was super tired and angry and just piled on more listening.

I think it’s really interesting just how delayed it is for me. While listening to the sub I get a bit of a “high”. As the day goes on it’s like it sinks deeper to my subconscious and hits more instinct/feeling oriented stuff. Waking up in the morning is actually when I feel the worst. Likely because the sleep touched on stuff I couldn’t reach during consciousness.


I’m going to go with a two day on one day off schedule of one loop each day of the two subliminals I am running. You read about how listening to subliminals is similar to exercising. Obviously with that rest days are needed as well so it only makes sense


I feel the same…as soon as I listen I get like a head high…then when I stop then the information hits me …
When I started off I felt faster results now that I ran regeneration over night I feel ntn at all…
Maybe I’m overloading


I think a lot of us get so desperate for change or improvement at times that we often get ridiculously impatient and think if one loop is good endless loops are better. It’s easy to get into an all or nothing mindset


That sounds just like me hahaha
All or nothing but I guess Q is different beast


This has been my experience too, as well as the experiences of our offline testers, hence why we’ve been recommending giving yourself more rest periods. You can accomplish this by either using less loops per day, or doing a “day on / day off” approach.

That being said, the point is to give your mind the chance to process, integrate, execute and begin manifesting so you’ll see and observe results. Once you start seeing results, you get motivated and more confident, which makes the alchemical process that much more potent.


The name embedded versions are custom made by the Q system i believe and you have to pay for them and they will be a pretty penny from what i understand


Thanks for clearing that up. So, if I understand correctly the current Q versions of my Sub purchases are simply very powerful upgrades, and I can switch to them straight away. No need to contact support for name “embedding”. Is that correct?


Exactly, once Q system launches later this month you can create your own name embedded sub.


That’s great. Subclub subs+constant Action is working wonders for me. I was planning to go for a custom sub before the pandemic hit. Will try the Q platform first. Thanks again @Floridianninja.


RIP 2014 - 2020.

Just turned it on to run some more experiments and she wouldn’t boot. That being said, we beat the hell out of this computer during Q testing and she performed her duty well. Press F for respect.


FFFFFFFFFFF :sob: :sob:

Poor thing. What’s the next step? Think it’s salvageable or going to need to find Q v2?



What does this mean guys?
does it mean we’re not going to get the Q store any time soon?
please anyone explain to me.


Yes, this is definitely going to cause delays for the the Q store and anticipated name embedded customs.

Do not expect them any time until we’ve been told that Q-prime is running again or a new system is obtained


Sorry to hear that, SaintSovereign. We are lucky that it was functioning long enough to get all the titles converted to Q.

Q-Prime is a “prime” example of “Thank you for your service”


Q Prime

Rest in pieces.


May 6th: Q Prime is dead, long live the Queen.

May 8th: It was just a bad power cord. Q Prime is fine.



I guess people will just have to make do with an entire library of recently rebuilt Q-powered super subs for a while longer.

However, probably not much longer.