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We don’t know the full extent yet. The technology layer is almost complete, now we have to start adding modules and the such.


One thing I am trying to understand: Even if you don’t buy a custom-made subliminal via Q, but a “normal” generic subliminal,(which you guys will continue making?) the technology behind Q will make sure that the subliminals are always updated fast to the newest technology, for example we would already have regeneration in Quantum Tech, or am I missing something?


Sorta. Q allows us to build subliminals exceptionally fast, which means we can update subliminals very fast. The delay in updating all the subs is the fact that we have to build by hand, which takes forever. Q solves that.


So we could possibly see all existing titles updated this year once Q is released?


Possibly. Depends on time constraints, though Q will lighten the burden.


Awesome.That way you guys can focus on creating new titles and push the envelope regarding the technology of the subliminals.


Will you be using Google Voice from now on instead of the voice actress because of the name embedding?


Just heard the latest MVP of a masked title. We’re getting close… very close.


Nice! I had also guessed that this was the mysterious project, after reading a mention of it quite a while ago.

I look forward to it… and Stark! (I’d also settle for a name-embedded version of Stark of course since that’s already exactly what I would create with Q! lol)



I’ve read your experience using New Beginnings when Fire gave it to you. I’m considering picking that up specifically since I tend to put on a face, a mask, to earn acceptance. I’d like to hit my biggest weak spot–that of not liking and valuing myself.

It’s come up here numerous times, and these same beliefs directly affect my sense of value around women. I’ve been facing that insecurity around them recently, but I am using Regeneration daily too.

From your experience, do you think NB fits this role of finding and appreciating one’s own value?

EDIT: I took a shower and thought about my words. I’m experiencing the fruit of old beliefs, relived over and over again. I am attracted to NB since it appears to be a BS buster, and the fruit I’m experiencing is due to those old beliefs of “I need to be someone else to be loved”. Considering NB focuses on the imposter syndrome, I thought it may help. From my experience, holding up these “I’m GOOD!” masks takes a lot of energy, and it’s fed by fear. I need honesty with myself, and subs help sidestep this BS. Hopefully, it’ll end some of it. :slight_smile:


Nice solution to addressing the pirate problem as well, since everything will be name embedded.

Edit: Wondering if this technology can be extended to include name embedding in the main programs as well. It won’t stop the sharing, but will make them mostly useless to others.


Having ALL name embedded titles in the end goal. Name embedding boosts the power of any title, with limiting piracy as a side effect. We wanted to limit piracy without having to resort to DRM, which would ultimately just hurt our legitimate customers.


“Anonymous Third-Party” orders subliminal via Project Q.
“First Name: Human”
“Last Name: Being”

“I, Human Being, am awesome!”
“Why am I, Human Being, so awesome?”
“How did I, Human Being, become so awesome?”


Or first name “A”, last name “Man”.

Saint immediately goes to work to write validation scripting into Q to ensure nobody can do that now. Which will work until somebody legally changes their name into Human Being the First.


So after Q is released and new subs continue to come out, will the module list on Q grow in size or will it remain the same as when it is first released?
Also will the modules listed on Q have some sort of description as to what they do?


Quintessence is the future of SubClub, so the amount of modules will continue to grow and evolve/update. And as fun as it would be to pick a bunch of modules at random without knowing what they do and see what happens (like a pharma party, I do think they will all come with a description.

I would even go so far as to say that each module should have a list of recommended modules to complement them. And possibly a list of modules you shouldn’t mix in with them.


We’ve already thought of this and will be including measures to stop it. Not to mention, anyone caught abusing Q, even in the slightest, will be banned from SubClub for life.


So excited for this project to be out! Can’t wait for this to be released soon.


I saw Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi speak at the university I attended at the time.


His ideas have had a great impact.


You should then open an academy for practitioners so they can learn to fit the right subs for a person. Then practitioners would have the ability to open a Subliminal Clinic :slight_smile: