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No delays, y’all. Just gotta find a suitable machine to call Q-Squared.

Q Modules Requests

@SaintSovereign I know when you and I discussed Ascension in the past you mentioned how things get more interesting in the second month. Does that still apply or is it more ramped up with AscensionQ?


I stand corrected!


Should be quicker by a magnitude. Still gotta take action though. The script itself is largely the same – it’s the build method that makes it more effective.


Oh I am. I’ve already noticed a bit of change with my interactions with people. I don’t act or feel quite as timid and I am willing to take a bit more risks to get a better feel on how people respond. I’m guessing that will become more solid or natural as time goes by


I think Fire or Saint added a “face changing” and "anti ageing\foreveryoung"module in emperor Q , a few people told me yesterday the skin on my face looks smoother and my jawline looks more pronounced.


I knew Saint wanted to unwrap his new Threadripper, but killing Prime for it is just harsh. Poor girl. :wink:


Does Khan Q have that? Dem jawline gains would be nice


@I_am that is a good question whether the “face changing” and “forever young” modules have been included in Khan. I recall that one user said his face looked more appealing when he looked at himself in the mirror. So might be or just might be that Khan raised his self esteem levels to a point where he looked himself an thought i am so hot :grin:

If not then we can always request Fire or Saint to add these features into the future version which i believe is called Blue Sky.


One week later and here I am. It’s been 7 days since I last listened to Khan Q and I’ve continued to have vivid dreams every day. This does give me the impression that there is something to giving my mind a break from subs. In the upcoming week I’m going to be switching to a listening pattern inspired by my workout and intermittent fasting routines.

They’ve been awfully mum about what’s new in Khan Q :joy:


We’re not trying to be, lol. Just behind on pretty much everything.


I suspect they are busy upgrading Khan to terminus or terminator whatever they are calling it


Thoughts on this listening pattern?

Su: None
M: 3 hours KhanQ + 0.5 hours SanguineQ
T: None
W: 3 hours KhanQ + 0.5 hours SanguineQ
Th: None
F: 3 hours KhanQ + 0.5 hours SanguineQ
Sa: None


The only thing better than these new Q titles is the fact that there will be an entire Q store coming so soon.

Based on this initial experience, I am expecting very, very good things.



I suppose I have to run ideas by you now. :slight_smile:

What would you say about naming the day that the Q store opens “Q Day” and do something on that day every year?


like adding a set number of new modules


You don’t want them to do that only once a year, do you? :wink:

I was thinking about something simple like changing the layout of the site for a day or something fun like that. Like some sites do for holidays or birthdays.

Of course, something bigger like a discount or a new release is an option too, but it doesn’t have to be.

It just seems fun when we have new users 7 months from now that have no idea until suddenly the rest of us start celebrating Q Day on the site a few months later.

Reminds me of the Sims’ “Talk Like a Pirate Day” :slight_smile:


no the once a year would be like a premium ultra special bundle release


I have a gut feeling that SC are going to cause huge waves in the subliminal world. The competitors out there once viewed SC as small fry. Now they are seeing them emerge as one of the big players.


…now they realize SubClub is the frying pan.

Ba Dum Tsss :slight_smile: