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Does it matter if the name in the name embedded sub has a (slightly) different pronunciation of the name. E.g Names in English sound different than in other languages.


How do you know it does? Have you manage to decode it? :slight_smile:

Imagine you are standing in a crowded bar and somebody calls out your name with a slightly different pronunciation. Are your ears piqued? Did you hear your name being called even with all the noise? If so, then it works. The name is there to constantly draw your mind’s attention back to the mission.


@SaintSovereign can we not get an experimental terminus for emperor or primal ? seriously this terminus feels like the silver bullet of all subliminal products.


To be honest, I think Emperor Terminus might get you into a lot of fights…


Brb stacking it with boxing and muay thai mastery now


@friday I do not believe for one second a product will get you into a fight. Its up to the individual to make such a decision and not the subliminal product.


No not in my experience

The reconciliation of EmperorQ made me extremely irritable and emotionally unstable. EmperorQ is telling you over and over that you are the greatest, most powerful dominant man out there. Now imagine somebody coming up to you and telling you that your opinion is WRONG, while you are just in the middle of that strong reconciliation. This adds up to an explosive cocktail that leads into fights easily.

I just found the other one in a matter of seconds. This is a common theme when listening to Emperor and it is perfectly normal that one cannot always control his emotions, especially when experiencing reconcilation. I am not talking about beating somebody up or cheating. That are VERY DIFFERENT things.

And the examples above are from EmperorQ, now imagine Terminus with the reconciliation TIMES TEN…


@friday well thanks for clarification I was not aware of this. I have certainly experienced anger and frustration on emperor however at the back of my mind I was always known that there are several ways you channel that anger

  1. Be creative with it and transmute it into something useful like gym, boxing etc
  2. Be destructive cause a fight etc

I have always gone with 1


Khan Q Terminus. That is something I really wonder about.


Especially Stage 1 :no_mouth:


Imagine having Primal Terminus 2 i would be more then happy to test that one alongside stark.


Shouldn’t we have some more data on how Terminus and Terminus² works on people before we simply start upgrading everything? If there is a power level where theoretically the sub stops working, do we really want to upgrade everything to that? Seems a bit counter-productive.


I think we should release primal s terminus 2 for testing rather then an upgrade.


Friday what I suggest is you be part of the experimental group to test khan stage 1 terminus 2 and I test primal seduction terminus 2. We just need the buy in from Saint.

@DarkPhilosopher can you perhaps speak to the development team on our behalf ?


And after that somebody wants Ascension, then somebody wants EoG, Mogul, Emperor and so on and so on until T² we have a dozen test groups with only a few participants. And we still don’t know exactly what the effects are.

So I am accepting Saint’s wisdom in choosing which subs he wants to test in T². I run Mind’s Eye T² because it was available. If it was not, I would be very happy with Mind’s Eye Q.

Are you guys saying that Khan Q and Primal Seduction Q are ineffective and do nothing for you? That you can only be happy to have them if they were amped up?

I apologize if it sounds harsh, but this reminds me a bit of a kid that gets a two-week old gaming system and complains that there’s something newer. I trust that’s not your intent, it just feels to me like you’re not happy with all the hard work Saint and Fire put into making them all Q already. If T² becomes the new standard, everybody will get an upgrade as is the usual practice.