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Too late, he’s already on it. :slight_smile:


Definitely @DarkPhilosopher!

The Dark Wisdom is strong within you :wink:


An option to chose the foreground track on the masked subliminal’s would be interesting.

The current ocean track distracts me intensely from my work. I would prefer to see something like various binaural beats and or solfeggio frequencies in combination or distinct from each other to be implemented.

I probably listen the masked track on way to low volume but it’s definitely still working for me, listening on a higher volume just has different effects.


It’s an ocean?! SubClub has heavy rainfall, I believe. You must be thinking of a certain producer of 6-stage subliminals, he-who-must-not-be-named. :slight_smile:

Both have people running to the bathroom all day.

I agree though, different types of masking sounds would be nice. My guess is that since Q provides an automated rendering of the tracks, this would indeed become a possibility. There would of course be limitations, one needs a minimum amount of noise in order to mask the subliminals.


ive used youtube subs in the past with a classical music foreground which I thought felt pretty stimulating


Ultrasonic in iTunes, frequencies in VLC. I do stuff like this all the time, shouldn’t hurt anything. We’ve tried to use the masking process against frequencies – doesn’t work well. We can embed an ultrasonic subliminal in ANYTHING, but you can get that effect right now by doing what I mentioned above.


Which of course leads to the argument of ultrasonics vs headphones.

I have considered merging ultrasonics with a foreground track in a way that it is calibrated so I won’t play it loudly by accident. A bit like superchargers have it. But I admit I’m starting to like masked.

Could you indicate if Q should (in theory) allow for different masking tracks, pre-selected by SubClub so they have sufficient white noise to hide the vocals in?

So being able to select a set of modules and one of several masking tracks and they will be masked as they are rendered?

What is the correct term anyways, rendered or compiled? Rendered is for video, compiled for code. Is there something else?


That’s the process I’m currently using for the masked tracks.

I’m using headphones so masked complements me better. Overals masked suits me better, as I also find it more effective. Ultrasonics just give me tinnitus like you wouldn’t believe it. I’ve got some very sensitive ears.

I was thinking of having the user input his own audio file to be used for the masked track within the Q software. That would be awesome but it would come with many security issues concerning the secrecy of the scripts. For every problem is a solution though so I’m sure if subliminalclub wants to go that route, they’ll find a workaround.


In theory, yes. I’m actually testing the new version right now. It shouldn’t be an issue, but it may not be available at launch.


And copyright issues. Probably won’t be going this route, unfortunately – at least for the self-service version. If you want to order a custom with a completely custom track, that may be possible.


Seems like the development goes pretty quickly. Is there a new rough release date for Q?


Development is proceeding nicely. We’re still having some issues with the ultrasonic, but Q is currently capable of producing a high quality masked subliminal from any script we feed it. We’ve been testing it on a local development machine. Now, we’re ready to test it online. Not sure if we’ll use a dedicated server product from a traditional hosting provider, DigitalOcean or Google Compute Engine. Testing them all now.

I don’t have a hard release date for Q, but hopefully, we’ll start public testing soon.


Wooow 1 month ago it seemed like a vision only possible in the far future. Good work!


im curious about how the different “technologies” work with the scripts, are they like diferent ways the sentences or wording is created to better influence the mind?


This is also a workshop in product development.

Ecstasy of Golders (Ecstatics of Gold) take note.

There’s a certain level of transparency and interactivity that is a nice gift from Sub Club to the community.


As of 10 minutes ago, I have successfully installed Q on a Digital Ocean droplet and created a name embedded version of Emperor v4.


Soon, we’ll be opening the testing phase for Q. During testing, we’ll be asking people to run a special, Q-powered version of Emperor (emperorQ), Limitless (limitlessQ) or Primal Seduction Iron Throne (iron throneQ). More information soon.

I'd like to see a "Universal Breakdown" track be created

I’d be interested in testing “Emperor” in this format.


Yes, I’m running Emperor for at least the next 6 months, so I’m down too.


Any details on how one can apply to be a tester? Or would they be hand picked?


I’ll be reopening testing soon. Q testing will be exceptionally strict – you won’t be able to stack and you’ll have to follow a strict regiment. Those who complete testing however will be rewarded with a Q powered subliminal and possibly other rewards.

Suggestion: Lucid Dreaming X