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ah, I may not be able to do it, if it requires suspending Ecstasy of Gold for too long of a period of time. But I’d like to read the formal requirements before making a decision.


I just wanted to drop in and say that it’s insane that technology to produce subliminals like this can even exist!


I would be interested to test emperor


I’m down to be a tester for Emperor Q. My listening seems to be becoming more focused as time passes anyway so why not.


@SaintSovereign will Q consider names special pronunciations? English pronunciation of Latin or Asian names may sound weird .


What is it that made you chose these particular three subliminal’s for testing?

My guess is that Emperor contains ‘New Beginnings’ which is said to be accompanied very well with name embedded scripting. Then Iron Throne is said to show especially profound results quickly.

No idea on Limitless though. Mind elaborating?

Same question here. My name is hewbrew/latin and starts with ‘Y’ depending on how you write it. In my native language, ‘Y’ is very differently pronounced in comparison to an English accent. I’ve experienced many occasions in the past where native English people both write and pronounce my name totally differently.


I’m interested in testing EmperorQ.

And I have a similar question as others have about how non-English names will be dealt with.


An Idea: What if the user could record their own name inside Q, and Q will automatically put that name audio into the correct spots in the subliminal?

It will be even more powerful because the voice will be the person’s own voice, which makes the commands be even more personalized.

cc @SaintSovereign @Fire


Very good idea, the association of your own voice with your subconscious is highly likely going to add up to increased results.

Anyhow this will depend on the quality of your voice recorder, assuming not everyone has a Blue Yeti or something similar. Assuming that the scripts are currently being spoken by a computer generated voice which is certainly high quality.



Yes, except I am pretty sure a medium quality recording of your name in your own voice is 10x more effective than a computer generated totally wrong vocalization of your name.


Except, it won’t be wrong. We have exceptional latitude over changing the way Q pronounces words. As stated before, simply email support with the proper pronunciation and we’ll adjust Q and save it to your profile.


They’re the easiest to recruit for and they have the most easily noticeable effects.


For how long do we have the run the test subliminal / will the testing phase go?


I wish everyone here good luck with the testing phase :slight_smile:


I would be willing to test EmperorQ. I’m 45 days in of only Ev4 and my plan was to hit 6 months.


I wish to test EmperorQ. I’m not a strict sub right now. Dealing with a very nasty divorce proceedings and fighting for my children custody, I believe emperor V4 or Q will add some strength to rebuild my self.


I am interested in testing Primal Seduction Q


What’s the difference between new beginnings and total breakdown?


Rabid fans all over the world are proclaiming their joy right now. It sounds like girls at a Bieber concert. Even the Apple stores are wondering why nobody showed up to buy their newly announced product.

As dramatic as PSITQ would be, I think Limitless would be the best choice. It’s part of every sub’s foundation, so if the testers suspend their current stack to devote time to Limitless, it will support both the progress they were building as well as support their future sub use once the test is over.

You could even make it a condition to pick something to work on during the test, like playing an instrument, dancing, learning a language or a job skill. Almost everybody has that one thing they’d planned on working on but never started. Making it a condition for the test may just be the push people need to get started.

Then once the test is over they not only worked on a new skill but also created a positive change in their lives that may help them improve in other areas as well.

Or am I being overly optimistic about people now? :slight_smile:

DarkPhilosopher wonders what he would pick. Python? Piano? Drawing? Wim Hof Method? Horizontal Mambo? :wink:

In it’s most basic form, Total Breakdown erases all the bad stuff and builds you up better, New Beginnings confronts you with your challenges and bad stuff and forces you to deal with them, thus evolving into a more mature and hopefully wiser human being. Both are great to do. TB may deal with some stuff NB does not, NB may have results faster at the cost of being a bit heavier on you.


I would like to test EmperorQ