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I have some questions: the way I understand Q is that it takes a modular approach, where you combine modules to create the sub you need.

But things like Emperor an PS are big things, containing lots of modules. So it would seem to me that EmperorQ and PSITQ would technically not fit the Q-framework and are more for testing purposes right now so that Fire can keep the script-writing for the Q-test to a minimum.

So once “the Q is out there”…
…would EmperorQ still exist?
…would it be split up into its components so we can create our own Emperor?
…would it mainly exist for those that want to buy Emperor V4 but would like it to be name-embedded without the customization options that Q adds? And likewise over time for the other “pre-assembled” products as well?

And a preemptive question: since you had some issues with ultrasonics, will the testers be able to use both masked and ultrasonic depending on their preferences, or will there be limitations there as well?


Why should one run Limitless when one already runs Quantum Limitless


Sounds incredibile! Please consider me as well for testing EmperorQ!


Because one is one, and others are others. Just because one already runs Quantum Limitless does not mean others are running Quantum Limitless. And even if one is running Quantum Limitless, one needs to stop doing so as per the terms of the test, so one should be glad that one can keep the theme of their stack going during the test, making the transition from and back to Quantum Limitless more fluid. Does one still follow? :wink:

Also, this one is assuming there will be some improvements to the original Limitless code plus name embedding in the test. And taking this one’s suggestion of picking something to study during the test should lead to some great journals and possibly dramatic improvments even with QL’s little brother.


I love one’s humor


@DarkPhilosopher — We didn’t build emperorQ from modules, we ran the entire v5 script through Q. Remember, Q has two components. One of them alllows us to upload a full script and receive a completely finished title.


Thank you!

Actually, I did sort of answer your question in the post you were replying to. Limitless is woven throughout most programs, and so everybody, no matter what their current stack is, has been exposed to it to some degree. Limitless also won’t send us in a completely different direction than we are currently going in. As awesome as EmperorQ may be, it may not be a useful direction for some people right now and even cause a dramatic shift in their behavior. Which is great for testing, less so for their life.

Also, most people have difficulty learning and most people have been wanting to learn something they have been putting off. The testers should see quite clearly what the effects of Limitless are once they start using it and journaling for the test.

Finally, since testers have to suspend our current stack during the test (and Saint expects them to do so for clean results!), and Saint indicated it was Limitless, Emperor or PSIT, I figured that of the three, Limitless would be the best choice logically. Maybe not the most popular choice, but the best choice considering all the variables I can think of.

Does that answer your question properly?

Emperor V5? You did not just step into that one, did you? :wink:

Thanks for the answer. That component would then be used to generate the other products as well, making Q SubClub’s future delivery platform. The pieces are coming full circle now.

Remember, I’m not running STARK. Just because your mind can think at light-speed, doesn’t mean I can keep up. Yet…


So the script of emperorQ = Emperor v5 improved and updated script?

Great news :slight_smile:

And, btw, what are the plans for STARK? It’s the product I was most excited about, since it has the best parts of almost everything else.


You caught that too?

I guess we’re both on STARK level, even before using it. :wink:


I am legitimately embarrassed by how much I perked up upon reading this. hahaha.


What’s new and different about EmperorQ v5?


Emperor v5?


Emperor as we know it will cease to exist.


This would end the discussion as to having a too big stack forever.

Having the ability to upgrade your stack alongside your preferences would enable someone to start out with ascension and buy different modules, programs or traits as ‘upgrades’ to increase the script with. Strategically creating your own type of Emperor.

For example you could start with Ascension working your way up to becoming an Ascended Mogul adding in little modules of preference along the way. Once you feel ready to become an Emperor by generally having all the scripts of an Ascended Mogul being integrated within your psyche, you could add each module of the Emperor Core 1,2,3 and 4 in over a period of time.

Upgrading yourself overtime at your own phase. Without insane hits of reconciliation by changing your self-identity too much at once. Each time upgrading yourself little bit by little.

By the way this will make the added effects from each kind of module so much more noticeable.

Making each additions to the script be way more noticeable as you’re not integrating little parts of different scripts in at once but rather taking in different parts of one and the same module and strengthening the links between the previous modules each run of the script.

Having the added benefits of strengthening the neuro-connection that’s been build by running that particular script over longer periods of time. Changing your default mode network of the strongest neuro-brain connections, decreasing the risk of pulling back to old thinking patterns after entirely working from a new build script.

Rejuvenating the old scrip entirely by just looping it one more time after several months of not using it. Refreshing it each time to keep the strongest neuro-connections only with the best possible programming.


I believe Saint said the regular subs would still be offered. I would assume I read it in this very thread, near the beginning.


They are updating Emperor, Limitless and Primal Seduction…

This can only mean



I don’t disagree.

I only mean that I think newer Emperor ‘possibilities’ will come into existence.

Of course there will still be static programs that are balanced and stable available upon release. Q just opens up newer more creative possibilities according to the will of the user. And most probably also a more powerful way of integrating subliminal’s if my assumptions of Q are correct.

It’s a no-brainer not to do it as stated above. Besides that the first version of Q might not yet be that advanced I certainly see it growing towards that direction.

All of this will depend on Saint & Fire’s thinking though.


Oh, I misinterpreted your message. My bad.

I considered your possible meanings after I posted, so thanks for clarifying.


Will this lead to Khan v2? I’m just 12 days into Khan :joy:


Above in this thread, Saint answered someone saying “Kahn-like”, since Q is only a single stage production.


I was wondering, just for fun what would be the ideal sub to master a specific physical skill? like driving, be it in driving games or on a real track.