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Great, good to know that Khan isn’t about to become obsolete :slight_smile:


If by driving games and driving on a track you mean driving faster than yo momma’s driving, also known as racing…

…you would need fast responses and sensory processes, so I would say Quantum Limitless (or LimitlessQ if that works as well) as a base, with Gaming Mastery on when applicable.

But that’s not really a Q-question.


@SaintSovereign, one amazing thing I can imagine coming out of Q is a great system for people to get a single, name-embedded subliminal which has the EXACT physical changes they’d like to see. For example, often times, subliminal makers tend to make “male beauty” or other general all-in-one physical change subs. Those subs may have affirmations for getting wavy hair as part of beauty. But I want straight hair! In this case, the only option that’s existed hitherto has been to use a patchwork of different subliminals which each tackle a different desired physical feature.

However, I would love if Q had modules to pick and choose our desired features! For example, generating a subliminal which focuses on:

  • Straight Hair
  • Thick Hair (with hair regrowth)
  • Perfect, clear skin
  • Perfect vision
  • Blue eyes


I don’t think the modules in Q will get that specific, but who knows…


Our Director of Technology has just informed me that the latest version of Q allows you to choose a masking track. Unfortunately, due to copyright issues, you won’t be able to upload the track of your choosing. However, this allows us to offer different masking tracks. This version of Q currently offers the traditional trickling water track, and a new ocean waves. We’re open to suggestions on at least two more choices.

Emperor V4 + Sound Effects

Some does. :slight_smile:


Possibly. Remember, there’s two parts to Q. One of those parts allows us to create mainstream titles much faster, since now all we have to do is write the script, load it into Q, do a few tweaks and we’re good to go. Either way, it’ll still be a free upgrade and it won’t make Khan obsolete.


Limitless or Quantum Limitless. Ultimate Artist if you consider it an “art form.”


@SaintSovereign, can you please check your PM? Thank you.


Yes, I’ve seen it, knee thick in development right now. Taking a break to try and catch up on things. I’ll answer everyone as soon as possible.


Will Q also allow name embedding the mainstream titles (e.g Khan) or is this special to only Q titles.


Yes, but you’ll have to pay Q’s pricing, since it’s technically a custom.


That makes me as a Khan fanatic very excited.

Quoting this

And for the testing, are we required to do certain things or shall we just listen and report back our results?


Just listen like you normally would, but we’ll need more detail observations. Dreams, frequency of dreams, feelings, etc. We’ll guide testers, let them know exactly what we need.

PLEASE READ: emperorQ Testing Thread
PLEASE READ: emperorQ Testing Thread

I just had to re-read this one. So does this mean that we can have PSIT masked soon? I remember last year people were asking when PSIT would be released again. And that they were also requesting for a masked version for it. I guess with Q, almost anything is now possible.


If you think Q is awesome, wait until R is released. :wink:


I’d like to hear a campfire or fireplace track


I think a low volume background track from The Legacy and / Or So Below would be an interesting choice to test out. Pumping people up steadily in the background as they go about their day.




Thunderstorm is awesome. Or crickets at night. Or instead of the rainfall the sound of a river flowing. Some people like whale sounds.

Of course there are musical choices as well. Many of the classics are free to use nowadays I believe. Or certain relaxing piano compositions.

Then there are white noise type files. Monroe has a wooshing sound that they use for the binaurals that’s kind of relaxing. There are also sound healing sounds like Solfeggio and the likes. Or those sounds recorded from space and planets.

There would need to be enough noise to mask the track, it should be royalty free and free to use. And of course since there are some sounds you wouldn’t want to listen to continuously, so would the buyer be allowed to create multiple masked tracks for their purchase so they can have some variety?