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That’s fine too.


Sorry? You mention expedited orders are expected on time, I’m asking if the non-expedited orders are also expected on time.


@SaintSovereign Thank You so much


We’re aiming for all orders to arrive on time. There are three of us working on them simultaneously as we speak.


Maybe I missed something but the Q section of the store won’t take my login credentials


So its $325 for a subliminal of 15 modules?
I thought you guys said it would be affordable


@Rhinesuchus - for a custom subliminal, it is affordable. Their previous custom sub was $700 and it was just to put your name in a subliminal which was always created like Emperor, Ascended Mogul, etc.

But then, if you find it is expensive, you still have the choice of the subliminals in the SubClub store. They are powerful too.

PS: I am assuming you are new to SubClub ofcourse.


I think for US based users, it’s a reasonable price.
I come from a poorer european country and it’s a lot of money for me.


All SubClub store main subs been recently " remastered" to newest Q technology. thats gave them even more strength . You can try few before you decide what you want from your custom sub.


When you put it that way its more understandable.
Not new here, been lurkin around the forums and using these subs for a couple years now


@Rhinesuchus - I can understand the lure of the Q Store though. You are free to choose what you desire and it is the ultimate form of customization even compared with any other subliminal companies. No one else has made it this way.

If you still prefer the Q Store, I would recommend a 10 module Q Store sub. Maybe that would be more affordable to you. Else of course, you can check out the “normal” but powerful SubClub subs.


I already spent couple hundred in subliminal club . Its worth it , promises delivered .
Expectations here been always HIGH but Saint and Fire usually overachieve them.
Can you imagine how high are our expectation now with customQ ?:wink:


Ithink I mised recomendations how to use new custom subs ? is it any advice how we going to stack them with “older” subs?


A competitor charges 500 plus dollars for his subliminal products and charges 1000 plus dollars for customs. I think SC are very reasonable with their prices.


@Dragonborn - the new “custom Q Store” sub can be used like a “SubClub Q” sub. So the new instructions to use two major Q subs at a time means we can combine one “Q Store custom” sub with one other “Subclub Q” sub.


Subliminal Club is awesome.


Agreed Sub Club is the best,
with name embedded and customization the prices are very reasonable

and I believe it’s important to pay well for high value.

its also still a risk as no one has any idea how these subs will mix or how an individual will respond but I have faith, and trust in the competence here, it will be amazing!

I’ll be buying 2 customs-probably 20 modules each in the next three months-

This would have been a pipe dream before non-name embedded $35 Emperor Q- well $25 with my new customer discount. My monthly income has gone up $2000 since I started Emperor in March and its rising.

So to anyone who is new and cant get a custom- just run a status/work/alpha based sub for a bit for $35 and take massive action and you’ll be cruising the Q store in no time :wink:


Make sure you put mosaic in your custom so it plays well with others.


Ok, we’ve got a good system going. Orders are now being delivered at a regular cadence. There is a glitch in Q where it’s sending out the email that the order is complete BEFORE it’s uploaded to Amazon S3, and when you click the download link, you’ll get an “Access Denied” message. Don’t be alarmed, just give it 10-15 minutes. We’ll be fixing that issue this week.

This is why we did a soft launch, lol. Was not anticipating this much demand. It’s a good problem to have, and we thank everyone for supporting us and remaining patient.

Also, deliveries will come from "[email protected]." Please add this email to your safe senders list. You’ll also receive an email from the Q-store that your order is “complete.” If you receive that second email without the first, check your spam.


Thank you for the precision!

The demand is usually caused by something :wink: Amazing product and return on investment. I just came back from the grocery where I flirted with the cashier by pretending I had trouble with the self checkout… she was a little bit cute hahaha Stark and Khan are working hard! And my sales skills have never been higher!

I am almost scared that emperor might throw that out of balance…