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These modules are not short. A 15 module subliminal is larger than many of our major titles. Not to mention, these titles are not meant for quick consumption and moving on. You’re supposed to use these for awhile and really hone in on your goals.


What time horizon would you be referring to?


alot cheaper than it used to be that’s for sure. i can wait to get paid so i can build my new terminus-2 aura buster sub


Six months to a year. They’re premium, custom subliminals. All we did was simplify the manner in which they’re made.


are any of the social and sexual modules in the q store in stark q? or any of them for that matter?


Been pretty busy for the past few days. If you tell me a suitable way to share it with you, I can.


Can I run two customs together at 15-20 modules (with minimal overlap in modules between the two customs)?
I’d run one for a 4-8 weeks and then start adding the other in.
Also what is the risk in adding a 4th or 5th core module aside from heavy reconciliation (which still means the sub is working)? I know it’s all experimental but any sense of this would be much appreciated.


Made a similar question with different approach here: Q Module Questions

Let’s wait for the answers.


Yes I recieved my custom sub. It was supposed to be ready between 3 to 5 business days and I recieved it early morning day 3. Now Im in my first loop.
@Fire @SaintSovereign thanks very much for the awesome products and excellent service.
Did you guys had any problems with my name, cause I asked in the notes.


Hey — no problems with the name. I have a good friend with the same name, so we’re already familiar with the proper pronunciation.


@SaintSovereign Iron Throne is not in the Q store.


Are there any recommended modules that will improve on the stack with non-customized Q subliminals?

Does Mosaic do that? Or does Mosaic just work on the modules within the customized Q subliminal?


I took mosaic with the assumption that it would help with other subs. So far so good.


will the names be embedded by a human voice or by a computer voice? I think it will be difficult for an English speaker to correctly pronounce names from specific countries like e.g. Germany or even more exotic countries


Know your busy and things get lost in the shuffle so
I just want to reiterate my above question as I’d love to start developing these subs
or pivot to a new iteration for 1 sub only.

  1. Can I do two custom subs at the same time if I start with one and then add the other gradually?
  2. What is the risk of running more than 3 cores per sub? if its heavy reconciliation I’m fine with that, if it’s potentially no results or negation I won’t take that risk on a custom


@King - yes. Mosaic does help you stack Custom Q subs with other Custom Q subs and/or with the Non-customized subs whether Q or not.


You can put pronunciation hints in the text box when ordering. But Saint has said that it should be able to handle most names.


Yes, we’re aware. Thanks!


We haven’t had any issues yet. All orders are prepared by hand for now, and we research any names that have hard pronunciations. They’re entered phonetically into the system, which works well.


Has Khan specific seduction scripting or is it all or (above 80%) transferred from Primal Seduction?

Asking if I can get along with adding PS as a core instead of Khan St3 for seduction, as I never run PS