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Q subs will play well with our major subliminals. Mosaic makes it work even better.


For a custom sub with the objective of effortless seduction through an intense sexual vibe, is it best to use Iron Throne as the core?

Is. it more beneficial to add Primal and Sex & Seduction to this sub, or 2 more Result Enhancer modules?


Hey, how long are delivery times running?


I have been checking what each multistage or main title has as modules and I’ve noticed that many have lots and lots. If this is correct then we are making resource-less custom programs but crafted to our needs.


As much as I know SC… we are making the most potent subliminals possible.

Limiting it to 20 modules is for our own sake, not for theirs. Besides cores have probably a lot of modlues, which with 3 cores could bump overall module count over 40.

I think the Q shop truly is the best place to get the best performing sub fitted to your needs.

Despite all the crucibles we go through filtering 152 modules into 20 haha


Does our custom have more modules/resources than a multistage like Sex & Seduction or Khan? That’s what I am trying to answer.


3-5 business days. Expedited service has been suspended for now.


@SaintSovereign will there be updated listening recommendations officially posted anywhere? I know there’s a post on how to handle Q subs, not so much on Terminus (let alone the highly experimental Terminus^2) but that means there are a host of non-forum users out there who are doing set-and-forget which won’t lead to great results…


I’m so excited about the Q Store custom subs. I’m creating a budget to buy some modules every month. I’m also going to invest in myself everyday by using the custom subs and the major subs that are divinely crafted. Your subs are awesome. Thank you @Fire @SaintSovereign


@SaintSovereign @Fire Any chance to allow the ability to order same custom sub with 2 or more build options. Q,T,T^2. Checkboxes instead of the option element.


This is one part where you have to choose one or the other.

T and T2 are not modules. They are descriptions of how the subliminal is ‘built’. They are, therefore, more equivalent to the ‘physical structure’ of the subliminal. They describe the density of the script.

So, this would be like buying a new car and asking if you could choose both the 2-door and the 4-door version. Or asking for one barbell plate that weighs both 10 pounds and 20 pounds.


I am just asking from a user perspective if it is possible to have checkboxes that allow you to choose more than one. Instead of entering the same build. An example is if I order the ultimate healing sub, I would want it in Q build and T build. Yes, it will cost additional for the T. Instead of re-entering the same cores/modules.


If I want the 2 door and the 4 door, then I will buy both. The factory makes both models.


Absolutely. The point was just that they’ll be two cars.

I see now that that’s what you were wondering about: if there’s a quick way to enter the exact same modules to order a second version of the same subliminal just with a different build method.


Thank you for clarifying my point. I appreciate it.


Possibly. We’ll look into this.


Cool. Either way, it would be a nice to have feature for convenience. I appreciate it. Maybe checkboxes for already licensed and soon to be licensed cores/modules. Two separate categories called licensed and not licensed. Just an idea.


It’s the software developer in me that I want to provide feedback.


Any chance we get multiple masked sound options? I would be interested in raining with thunder and fire


Subclub are wicked :wink: they delivered my custom in 3 days. I am using terminus edition I am going hammer myself with the custom boys an girls.